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Ever After High
Welcome to a world- Ehem! It's High School!- of the future fairy tale creatures. Some will follow their parent's paths, and some will not. Well, it's High School. So, are you coming or what! Come join the fun!
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Forever After Ever After High
Each student of Ever After High had come and gone after 4 hard years. New things had happened, old things recurred. Let's jump into the future and see what's going on!
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Ever After University
Set after the events of Ever After high. The students have moved on to the collage year where there will be more friendship, drama, and maybe some romance ahead of them. Join them in the collage life and pick your side of Royal, or Rebel.
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Ever After High
Welcome to Ever After High! Home of the children of famous fairy-tales! The storybook of legends is no more thanks to Raven Queen, though she signed her page! And with the curse on Wonderland lifted, will Ever After be changed for the better? Or is this all part of the Evil Queen's plot to escape the mirrorrealm? Ocs welcome!
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Ever After High: Ignited Fate
What exactly is the real point behind these so-called "destinies"? And how comes that nobody disappeared even though the actual Storybook of Legends has never been signed on Legacy Day to begin with? Enter the world of Ever After High and unfold this mystery
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Ever After High Originals
An Ever After High RP, except only OCs exist. Snow White's child is still the Royal leader, and the Evil Queen's child is still the Rebel leader, but other than that, go wild with all-new character creation.
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Ever After After Dark (18 and Up)
Royal or Rebel, the students of Ever After High are always up for a fun time. M-Rated RP Forum.
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Ever After High: A Whole New Chapter
It's a new year and the teenage sons and daughters of Ever After High's most notable graduates have come to follow in the footsteps of their fairy tale parents - or write their own chapter! So come join in with the children of your favourite EAH characters as they have adventures at Ever After High! OPEN AND LOOKING FOR MEMBERS!
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Ever After High: Unlock Your Destiny
Welcome to Ever After High, where you follow in your parent's footsteps, and you can meet other members of your story! Royal or Rebel, myth or fairytale, anyone is welcome here!
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Ever After High but with OCs and no canon characters
Summaries are for noobs
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Ever After High: Next Generation
kids of Apple White & her friends
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Ever After High Rp
Are you a royal or rebel? Come and decide in this wonderlandiful rp! OCS WELCOME!
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Ever after high RolePlay!
You rp!
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The Wonderland-iful world of Ever After
Basically just an Ever After High RP Forum. If you would like to be a moderator you must have active participation, and have participated in this rp for two weeks, or have been a moderator on a previous RP.
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Writing tips, help, common mistakes, etc
Do you find yourself disinterested in stories because of the same mistakes that make it difficult to read? Do you find yourself MAKING the same mistake over and over but just can't seem to understand it? Well, this forum is for you! Post topics on common writing mistakes you find and how to fix it for writers wanting to improve themselves. Ask for advice if you keep making the same mistakes. Be kind but make sure to explain and not just tell what the mistakes are. This is for constructive criticisms of comm
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The EAH shipping extravaganza !
This is a forum to discuss ALL of your EAH ships - be they gay, lesbian, straight, threesomes - I don't give a damn. So c'mon, Let's start Shipping !
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School for the next generation of fictional characters from books.
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Ever After High: Once Upon a Time
Welcome fairytale friends to the world of Ever After High! Roleplay as your favorite character, or make up your own! Will you sign your destiny or will you write your own Happily Ever After? Hop on in to this new chapter and choose whether you're a Royal or a Rebel!
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Titles Are Not My Forté EAH RP
[the title is credit to xKatastrum, go favorite that loser and stuff] Welcome to the forum of complete chaos where we role play Ever After High stuff with OCs n shit and also canons and yeah. It's also where the admins are too lazy to put proper effort into typing up a summary. Hoorah!
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Ever After High Adventures
Are you a Royal or a Rebel?
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EAH FF love stories
Love is in the air especially Apple and Raven . One - shots
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The Sparrow
So it's been a couple years since The War Of Fairy Tales ended, but that doesn't mean the challenges are over. Sparrow Hood the king of the Woodlia kingdom has been missing for eight years. When the goddess Athena visits his daughter, Alana, (who by the way is like Atlanta but a little less badass since she wasn't raised by bears, but had them as godparents) she sets out on a quest to find her father . . . and get these random people out of her house.
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A Wierd Love
Why does he love me he is always catching me doing something WIERD... Could it be possible he loves me?
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Briar’s story
Briar Beauty is not how everyone sees her. What kind of hell goes on in her head?
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