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Ever After High
Welcome to a world- Ehem! It's High School!- of the future fairy tale creatures. Some will follow their parent's paths, and some will not. Well, it's High School. So, are you coming or what! Come join the fun!
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Ever After High: Go Forward or Rewind
Welcome to the Land of Ever After, a place filled with enchantment and happily ever afters - wait. Hold on a spell. There's a rebellion taking place here. One in which does not settle well with those who believe that one should not meddle with destiny. So who's side are you on? Will you go forward with the Royals? Or will you join the Rebels and rewind?
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Kingdom Hearts Forever After
Time to unlock the keyhole to an amazing new world filled with the sons and daughters of famous Fairy tales...and Awesome keyblade wielding swordsmen! (Kingdom Hearts and Ever After High crossover RP!) We created the Keyblades and Fairy Tales After Story topic as a sequel to the original Keyblades and Fairy Tales RP, You don't have to have been in the original RP to be in After Story, We always need new Children of the EAH cast. OC's are also welcome.
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Ever After High: Extremes
As Legacy Day draws near, Ever After High's students are getting either more tense or more excited. The divide between royals and rebels has only grown deeper, and we find some of the student body taking approaches with questionably moral- and questionably legal- methods to keep their legacies in tact or throw fate to the wind. Royal or Rebel? Extremist or average? You only have so much time to decide.
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Titles Are Not My Forte: EAH RP
[forum title credit to lulzykatt] Welcome to the most unadulterated bundle of weirdos, hyperactive and partially drunk but TOTALLY literate (not) RPs and RPers. Which means...you should run. Far, far, away.
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Ever After High: Unlock Your Destiny
Welcome to Ever After High, where you follow in your parent's footsteps, and you can meet other members of your story! Royal or Rebel, myth or fairytale, anyone is welcome here!
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Ever After High rp
Fairytales have existed for thousands of years, inspiring imaginations around the world. Certain stories were so spellbinding, they were passed down to new generations. But there was nowhere to teach the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytales to follow in their parents' fabled footsteps. That is until 1812, when the Grimm brothers opened the doors to Ever After High – a high school where the next generation of fairytales learned to live their legacy. Class schedules specific for each fairytale were
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Ever after high RolePlay!
You rp!
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Ever After High
It's the After Math of Legacy Day. everyone is on edge and mad about what happened. the Royals blame the Rebels and the Rebels blame the Royals. You can role play as either or create your own character.
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