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The Fairly Oddparents Forum
Discuss anything on the show 'The Fairly Oddparents'.
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Fairly Odd Pairings
Just a place to talk about the weird FOP pairings you like. Ex: VickyChip, ChesterTootie, CosmoTimmy's hat... whatever!
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Fanfic Promotion
Have, read, or seen fics with lots of reviews? A few reviews? No reviews? Well here's your chance to promote all and any FOP fic you like. Whether you've written it or not. Let the games begin.
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Traveling threw time and space
By going on a school trip Poof and Foop repair a time traveling device to go back in time. Where will they land? Can they get back in time?
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Fairly Oddparents RPG
This is a place where you can roleplay your favorite Fairly Oddparent character or make up new characters. Keep it under PG level.
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Fairly Odd Parents Fanfiction
A place to discuss Fairly Odd Parents Fanfiction read on the site. Are they good? Which are your faves and Why? Do you write any and if you do how do you feel about the ones you write? Speak freely but within fanfic admin rules.
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AaL aBoUt CoSmO!
That forum is made in admiration for one of the bests characters of the showmay THE bestCOSMO!who else?Duh!
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Fairly Odd Roleplay!
The place for your characters! Create your own fairies, godchildren, normal children, pixies, anti-faries, anything you can imagine! Be the first to start and you get a cookie!
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Norm the Genie
Everything Norm goes here. if you like Norm come here to talk about him. Like what fanfics did you like him in? Which episode about him did you like most? Etc. If anyone flames this forum, I'll get out the banhammer and ban them from this forum.
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Live Action Fairly Odd Parents
A place to discuss the upcoming live action Fairly Odd Parents movie.
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Everything Tootie gose here. if you like Tootie come here to talk about her.Like what fanfics did you like her in? What epsiode did you like best with her in, Come here because Tootie rocks!
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Beautiful Blasphemy
Sister to the community "Fairly Forbidden", this forum is also dedicated to TimmyxVicky. If you ever want to come talk about an idea for the pairing, or just about how amazing the pairing is, step inside.
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Anyone around here a Wishology Darkness fan? I am!
I really kind of like this enigmatic villain. He's the most powerful of Timmy's enemies....yet all the poor chap wants to do is keep him safe! I think it's quite cute. Anyone is welcome!
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Trixie Tang
A forum all about Dimmsdale's rich tomboy.
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Everthing Anti Fairy
Here's where you can talk about your favorite anti fairies, what you like about them and why.
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Am Sadi's Fairly Odd Parents Fictions
This is a Forum that'll contain updates and info about current FoP stories. Stories going on or leaving Hiatus. And new stories in the works for my Fictions, about my fictions. This is also a place where you can send me Ideas if you want.
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Fairly Odd Parents Alternate Universe Fanfics
What do you like about them? What don't you like about them? No flaming please, just intelligent discussions and critiques only.
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jimmy timmy power hour 2 : when nerds collide
discussion forum about the new nick movie. what was your fave part?
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Cosmo and Wanda
Any question about FOP? Something you may want to know! Maybe I got the answer! Maybe somebody can answer you! ANYTHING! About FOP of course :D
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Fairly Oddbaby?
So, Butch Hartman is creating a 7th series ofthe Fairly oddparents. He's adding a new character A BABY, Cosmo and Wanda, having a baby? WoW
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Fairy Oddparents Oc Chat and Stories
Here is a forum for Fairy Oddparents Oc come and tell us about your Oc and what stories they appear in just keep it K level.
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Oh Yeah Cartoons, Fairly Oddparents
Do you guys remember those? Before it was it's own show and was a little cartoon on Oh Yeah Cartoons? Here's a link if you've never seen it - /watch?v YDlKyzX7DnA Back when Cosmo and Wanda loved eachtoher and Timmy was funny ?
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If you want to talk about Poof you are in the right place
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Tootie x Gary, and why its awesome
I'll be here if anyone wants to hear the logic behind my fop peices, or hell even the ppg peices.
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