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Futurama the forum
Talk all about our favorite scifi cartoon that was canceled before its time.
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Welcome to New New York
A Futurama rp. Come in and make an OC. Come join our delivery crew on adventures across the galaxy.
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Planet Express
A place where Futurama fans can chat about their favorite show. Just hang out and have some fun.
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Fender Dance Time!
A forum for the depressingly small amount of FryxBender slash fans. A few other more unusual pairings may be included as well.
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Bender! Bender! And the Rest
A place to talk about Bender and the rest of the gang and to rp
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Futurama Stories
A forum to talk about stories you like, story ideas you have, or get comments and reviews on new story ideas you may have.
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Futurama Rocks!
You guessed it, Futuramarama has taken over the minds of all who entered this forum. I'd love to chat to any Futurama fans.
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This RPG you will have diffrent traing things before you become a crew member. In RPG 1 Proffecer Will talk to His Crew members.
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Bender! Beennnderrr!
Hello! Come talk about your favorite Futurama moments and what you think of the show returning on Comedy Central! Please keep language appropriate. Thanks :D
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The Infosphere
Futurama ahoy!
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New Body
Doctors and scientists of New New York have found a way to put a robot into a human body by transferring data in the chip into the human brain. It's still a work in progress, so will Bender risk his lovly shiny body for a meattube that has been declaired sutible for him? Of course, with the promise of gaining 100,000 cash. - A/N This is my first fanfic in general, enjoy!
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