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Anything GI Joe
Just a place to talk about anything G.I. Joe! Couples, battles, Joes or Cobras, Vehicles, weapons, episodes, etc.
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The Comic VS The Cartoon
Before G. I. Joe was a cartoon, it was a comic. Hasbro bases the file cards on its action figures on the comics, not the cartoon. The cartoon made many changes to the characters it inheirited from the comics. This is th place to discuss it.
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GI Joe Renegades anything and everything about it!
Do you know your Joes well enough to help them. Well here's your chance to help. Tattle on C.O.B.R.A. Industries whenever you want. You can also talk about G.I. Joe Renegades too.
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GI Joe
A place to discuss GI Joe fanfiction.
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GI Joe Sigma six Roleplay
Simple create a character then roleplay as that character,This is for everyone to enjoy.
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Nightfire's GIJoe Universe
Welcome to my G.I.Joe forum. Prepare to go crazy!
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Just Come In And Chat
Where anyone can be anyone, just be the one who you chose to be. You can come here and just talk about.... Whatever.
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A Girl for Duke of GI Joe
Duke can't have Scarlett since we prefer to have SE/S, F/LJ, Destro/Baroness and some BH/CG. Who will be the girl for one of the most under appreciated characters in G.I. Joe?
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GI Joe ComicCartoon Adaptations
A writer's challenge forum. Take a scene from a G.I. Joe comic or cartoon and translate it into prose. No deviations from the script permitted, though giving the internal thoughts of the characters is permissible. Be sure to identify title, issue/ epis
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the fans
this forum is for g.i joe fans, this place is open for everyone and the new people are welcomed
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