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Generator Rex RP
Become heroes or villians, battle EVO's, and hang out at the base. Every teen's dream...
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Generator Rex:Who is he? Why is Six so stotic, is
The place to come for answers to any questions you may have about this new show.*Please keep in mind this show is new so these questions may be answered by new episodes*
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Generator Rex Discussion fourm?
I saw there wasn't one so I decide to make one. Talk about anything and everything! Favorite Chracter? Any guesses on Rex's past? and what ever else you can think of!
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Generator Rex RP , EVO unleashed !
Be an EVO , or a providence agent . Either way were all here at the agency as allies , so try not to kill each other please ...
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Generator Rex Role Play and Chat
For all those people out there who love the amazing show, and the even more amazing teen from it. Come join in on the fun. All are welcome to join in on the fun!
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CIRCEX: Are They Friends OR Something MORE?
This forum is for EVERYONE who loves Circex! :D *Haters are ALSO allowed, but idk why you'd ever HATE Circex...* There will be MAJOR discussion on the couple, and just on the show in general. And MAYBE we'll even get an RPG started!
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Let's Start The Revolution!
A Generator Rex Role Play Forum! Crossovers and AU's are encouraged, please read rules before applying!
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Generator Rex: roleplaying till the world ends
this is for everyone! rp with me with your Ocs
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Generator Rex: LIVE ACTION cast ideas?
In case CN ever decides to invest in a live-action Gen. Rex movie, who should they cast?
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Generator Rex RPs
Generator Rex RPs
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Generator Rex: Critiques
A place to ask for critiques, opinions and to just generally shamelessly advertise.
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say what now!
just a bored idea will be rated m for later chapters
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Generator Rex OC Love
For those who might be writing any Gen. Rex O.C stories, i want a critique or review or trying to get attention this is the place to be. Standards inside.
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Generator Rex Episode Talk
This forum's basic purpose is a place to chat about recent episodes and just random Gen Rex stuff in general so as not to intrude on other topics elsewhere
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Generator Rex, Story Advertisement and Reviews
Give me your story and a short summary, and I'll read and review it along with everyone else who checks out this forum.
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Generator Rex Harem Challenges
Harem challenges that you can write. PM me and we will talk.
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