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Godzilla The Series: New Beginnnings
Taking place in present day, many years after the events of Godzilla The Series, The H.E.A.T. had been disbanded and have gone their own ways, the world hasn't seen any new mutations appear in decades and those still around have been living peacefully on Monster Island with Godzilla still following his foster parent Nick around after all these years still. Though this peace is about to be interrupted as new mutations will start appearing around the world and greater threats will jeopardize the world.
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Godzilla the Series
A forum to discuss fics and the 1998 cartoon itself.
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The Godzilla the Series Fanfiction Challange Community
Looking for a challenge? Need story prompts? Or do you have too many ideas to write on your own? Maybe you want to find the perfect mutant kaiju for your story? Come share your thoughts and ideas pertaining to Godzilla: The Series, get involved in fun challenges, and let's get this fandom back on its feet!
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