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My Friend is a Dream Demon Roleplay!
Joe had invited YOU to his sleepover extravaganza! Bill is also there because he was forced into this. But with Monsters and other supernatural stuff, This will not be your average sleepover!
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Tabbypie101 The Hyperistic Country Loner Back-Up Plan
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Various Roleplays From Gravity Falls
Various senarios where OCs must survive. Or just hang out. Depends on the topic. Please note we have accidentally strayed from Gravity Falls, though we do keep some elements. Feels free to take a Canon to get us back on track.
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Gravity Falls Roleplay
Roleplays based off of the television show Gravity Falls.
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Gravity Falls RP (Open!)
Gravity Falls rp! Come in and play as a human, demon, mythical creature or something in between!
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Gravity Falls
That's right Fallers! Here's my GF RP! Join in on the fun! Watch out though... I think Stan's been at my cookies again :/
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Roleplays and stuff
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Gravity Falls Rp! (DEAD sorry)
Come on in and join in the fun! :D *throws sprinkles into the air and poofs*
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Welcome to Gravity Falls!
It's been a whole year, and Dipper and Mabel are finally back in Gravity Falls, but things are different. Everyone in town seems on edge, but no one will tell the twins why. They haven't seen any creatures, which is weird. And Gideon is out of jail, leaving the Mystery Twins in over their heads. OC's and Canon characters accepted.
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Gravity Falls role play
Everyone welcome! Come join the fun ! (P.s: This will most likely have Wendip in it so if you don't like then this probably isn't your forum)
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Gravity Falls RP For Randomness andScary Suspense
After seeing the other gravity falls rps missing the whole point of gravity falls which is the mystery I've decided to base this whole forum on giving the rpers a scary thrill but no graphic seens at all.
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Roleplaying Falls
Roleplaying! Forum admin and founder is GravityFallsMD (please, call me MD) Now containing contests as well!
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awesome gravity falls rp BE COOL AND RANDOME HERE
this is a gravity falls rp get Cannon character or make an oc you can have a lot of them COME HERE BE CRAZY BE COOL AND RP!
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Out In The Forest
Out in the forest...monsters lurk...but what do they do? Who are they? Oh well, guess we'll never know...UNTIL NOW! Join in on the roleplay to see what happens next! OCs Encouraged!
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Into the Mystery Shack
This is a forum for the new Disney Channel cartoon, Gravity Falls, as you can tell. Anyone can join, play as a character, or make your own!
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Gravity Falls Roleplay Extravaganza!
Alright, so a majority of Gravity Falls RP forums are either dead or really clogged, so I decided to make one myself! AU WHERE STANFORD RETURNED BEFORE THE EVENTS OF THE SHOW
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Summer Chaos
(ALIVE WANTING NEW MEMBERS) It's summer! Gravity Falls has some new inhabitants, new mysteries, and new evil. The quiet people of Gravity Falls think it's just another boring summer, but Dipper, Mabel, and all the new kids think otherwise. Journal 3 and 2 have been lost, and evil lurks in the shadows, waiting for the chance to strike...
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Gravity Falls ROLEPLAY
Role play off of a summary posted! You can play as an OC, or a character from the show!
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Gravity Falls: 9 Years Later
A reboot, of a reboot, of a reboot. Nine years after the fall of Bill things seem peaceful. But Bill is rising and he has friends for some reason...Can the Pines and the other townspeople stop him? Hopefully, because if they don', there goes the collective neighborhood of the Earth. This is a Private RP for now.
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Gravity Falls: Where Anthyding Can Hadplen!
In a town just west from weird, filled with mysteries that refuse to be solved and creatures worth hunting for! But things seem to spirals out of control when new residents start to inhabit the place. Will you change the lives of the people in Gravity Falls for the better or for the worst?
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Gravity Falls RP !
jusssst some GF RP.
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Gravity Falls Roleplay
**CLOSED** I will be accepting no one. The only people on this forum should be AlwaysImaginitive01 and SaphiraMockingjay. Thank you.
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Gravity Falls RP - Please Join!
An RP group that is open to both canon and OC Gravity Falls RPers! Please check it out!
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La Cabaña del Misterio
Comunidad donde se harán retos, se compartirán ideas y trataremos de hacer del fandom de Gravity Falls algo variado y del gusto de todos. Podremos inventar universos alternos, hablar de los que ya existen.
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Gravity Falls RP
Open to all! RP here with the usual characters, or add your OCs to the story! NOTE: You cannot RP above T rating, or re-enact something that has already happened in the show. Add your OCs to the OC page to be accepted before RPing. Thank you!
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