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He-Man fic ideas
Come on - he-man is a GREAT character. More tics! There's danger, and romance and self existential angst. Fodder for good stories. Don't let the filmation commercial be a downer.
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Eternia's Light
A place for fans both young and old to remember and share stories, talk about the characters, episodes, rumors and news, and whatever else comes up relating to HeMan.
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Freedom for Etheria
RPG. Enter the strange, magical lands of Etheria, and fight against the evil invading Horde. Before Princess Adora was brought to Etheria, many brave men, women, and magical creatures fought a losing battle to defend their freedom...
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The spectre of Prime
Just a forum for anyone to freely talk about any of my stories, or to ask me any questions. I may also use this to answer any comments from the reviews.
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