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Bienvenidos a Hillwood!
Bienvenidos, sean todos bienvenidos! Todos están invitados a compartir gustos, disgustos, quejas, pensamientos, ideas y todo lo que quieran acerca de este grandioso universo que es Oye Arnold! Sería agradable que nos sintiéramos como en la sala de nuestra casa, en una casa cualquiera de las calles de Hillwood, platicando con amigos sobre humeantes tazas de café. Ven y participa! Este foro es para todos! :D Para participar sólo da click en -Reply- después de cualquier comentario.
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Welcome to Hillwood!
Welcome, welcome everybody! We are all invited to share likes, dislikes, complaints, thoughts and everything else about Hey Arnold Universe. Come and participate. This place is for you. :)
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Hey Arnold Fan Fiction Gereral Forums
Get feedback on ideas, get help on stories or anything else having to do with HA Fan Fictions
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El origen de Hillwood
Hillwood tiene muchos secretos que contarnos. ¿Quieres conocerlos? Un foro para los fans de Oye Arnold! Debates, anécdotas, ideas y una que otra de mis explicaciones. Entra, seguro hay algo para ti.
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Helga and Arnold Lovers
just a forum for all of those helgaxarnold fans out there.
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Hey Arnold! Roleplay
Welcome To My Group! First rpg group of the hey arnold forum!
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Hey Arnold! ROLEPLAY
Please proceed to "Character Select" first
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Hey Arnold Roleplay :D
Come join, it'll be a lot of fun. :D
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What You Want To See in The Jungle Movie
Just a place for Hey Arnold Fans to post what they want to see in the Jungle Movie, and to bounce off of each others ideas for Jungle Movie FanFictions. Also a place to keep up to date notices on Nick/Craig Bartlett talks. #SaveHeyArnoldTheJungleMovie
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Hey Arnold! Fanfiction Awards!
Come here to vote for your favorite HA! fanfictions!
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Story Stealer(s)
Recently in the Hey Arnold fandom there are accounts who have been plagiarizing other authors' work. UPDATE One of the accounts is no longer on FF.
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Your thoughts on Rhonda Wellington Lloyd
Thoughts on Rhonda Wellington Lloyd of Hey Arnold. Because to me, she is the ONE character in the show whose personality I can never nail down 100%. Especially when reading such a variety of fanfictions where half the time she's a troubled rich girl with a haughty exterior but a heart of gold, and the other half portray her as an overly heinous bitch. So I want to get your input on what you think of Rhonda.
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Hey Hillwood!
Este foro trata de hacer crecer los comentarios entre escritores de fan fics de Oye Arnold, Acerquence y compartamos nuestra opinion hacerca de la serie y sobre los personajes... ¿Y tú, que opinas? participa ya.
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Hey Arnold! Livejournal
For news/info/etc. coming from the various HA! communities on Livejournal.
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helga has a baby but then refuses to keep it. Now Arnold has a choice to make: he can secrectly keep it and never tell helga or he can give it up. But keeping it also comes with a consequence. Will he risk keeping it or give it up forever. read to find out.
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One Can Only Hope
After Arnold comes back from the jungle after two years without seeing his friends he discovers new feelings, friends and relationships.
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holding back
What happens when the one person you have loved since pre-school suddenly starts noticing you? what happens when the boy you silently have always admired tries to break down you protective walls? it's hard to let you self float out of the sinking ship when something is holding you back.
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Hey Arnold Fanfic Ideas
Ideas for Hey Arnold fanfiction
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Arnold x Helga Fan Club
Hello there, Shortaki fans! Join this forum to talk about the best moments, fan dreams, and much more! Arnold Helga FOREVER! Please, no trolling. Trolling includes: Arnold Lila stuff. That shouldn't exist. Anyway, enjoy this club!
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My one true love
It was near the end of the summer when the love of my life, helga pataki came back into town after being gone for at least 10 months ive been in love with her since she confessed to me and i waited for her to come back to finally be with her.
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