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Huntik: Secrets & Seekers RP
AU Huntik RP since the other one became inactive. :3
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Huntik: A Dangerous Triad
Titan's come in many shapes, sizes, and degrees of power... but three specific Titan's stand out among the rest. They are known simply as "The Three", and are so powerful- that the price for summoning them goes far beyond exaustion. Can the Huntik Foundation gather The Three before the evil Organization? And just what ARE The Three? OC orient RP, Canon's available for claim after audition.
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Dante X Zhalia
Feel free to talk here about this cute pairing in Huntik! :D
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Huntik RPG
Come and join the Huntik team in a quest to defeat evil once and for all. You can create your own OC or RP as one of the existing characters. So what are you waiting for? Join now!
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Huntik Academy
Forum for submitting OCs for the story with the same name
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Writing Huntik
About Huntik fanfiction. Discuss plots and other writing concerns and get feedback.
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This is the lovely Forum for the community of DVLL. You should already know what it means but if you dont, then i will tell you. DVLL is the combined couple of Dante and Lok from the show, Huntik. If you have a Huntik story that involves this couple then
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The Realm of the Titans
What would have happened if the Titans were never needed on Earth. The Huntik world would have had to fight its own war. Now, the Legendary Titans, ruling as the gods of that world, are debating whether to end the world and star anew, to let the war take its course and see how it turns out, or interfere and end the suffering. Rules inside. One Legendary per user.
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