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About Iron Man: Armored Adventures. No flames. If you like this show, you should join. If you want to see all new episodes up to Man and Iron Man #14 , please contact me.
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Armored RP
Tony Stark is a 16 year year old juggling School, Social life, and being Iron Man all in one. It gets pretty hard to handle. He could use some help to take the weight off his shoulders even if he won't admit it. Come give him this help so he can stop the bad guys and still make it to class on time! Takes place in season 1. READ THE RULES!
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Black Widow, Pepper Potts, or Sunset Bain?
It's All to Simple really, Which of these Female Characters do you want Tony Stark to fall in Love With in the Second Season? And Which Of these Characters do you want gone If They Interfered with Tony and Pepper?
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Murder, Kiss or Marry
This is a random forum where we play a game called 'Murder, Kiss or Marry' It's basically a game where someone names three characters/people and you pick which one to murder, kiss or marry.
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