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JCA: Remastered
12 talismans are scattered throughout the world. An ancient evil will arise. Only a select group of heroes can save the world from an age of darkness.
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Jackie Chan Adventure Fans
This Forum is for anyone who likes Jackie Chan Adventures.
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Project Dark Jade
Like stories focusing on the irrepressible Jade Chan? Like stories with just the right blend of dark and light to avoid being dark fics but much less bright than canon? Then step inside and see if there is anything you like.
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JCA Demons fc
Fan club for the demons in JCA. Discuss everything you like about the Jackie Chan Demons.
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The J Team
Love Jackie Chan Adventures? Come here and meet others, introduce yourself, and tell your favorite character, talisman, and demon. All welcome.
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Who's ur fav jca character? and if left alone wiv
yeh, basically just wanted 2 know who ur fav characters all were and wat u'd like 2 do if u had a whole day 2 spend time wiv them, lol, i think i no who Dragolover1 will choose, just a hunch tho :P luv you all x :D
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Jackie Chan Adventures RPG
Have some ideas, want to get on board to help a JCA rpg? Reply here!
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JCA RP forum
An RP and general discussion forum for all your JCA needs. Currently under construction
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The New Jackie Chan Adventures
Added another characther, added cuss words, and some will be different from the tv show hope you enjoy it and this ismy first time writing a story.
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