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The first Jane and the Dragon forum. Open discussions on story topics, 'ships, characters and other JatD info!
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Castle Life
What will be your first action if you where to go back in time to meet Jane and her friends?
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Jane and the Dragon :Why We All Love It!:
The title says it all! Let's discuss the show, shall we? I believe if we can make it popular enough, some new episodes will appear! There could be some time involved in saving up for the animation, but it'd be worth it, rihgt!
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Jester's real name
What do you think? Come on: I know we're all curious! What's your guess?
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The Castle staff
What do you think about the whole castle staff? Your thoughts on their jobs, chambers, and whatnot. Inspiration from a conversation with my sister.
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Rp only
Hey this is just for people who like to rp and stuff.
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Are you Jane and Jester, or Jane and Gunther?
I'm a die hard J&J fan, but I want to know why some people are J&G fans. I'm not judging you if you don't agree with me, I'm just curious mostly because almost every fanfic I read is J&G . So, please tell who you're for, J&J or J&G? Peace, Love, Happy!
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I have a cosplay youtube account
Okay, I cosplay Jester, Jane and Gunther... sometimes I have help but so far just me. I don't have the costumes exactly right but it's the acting you're into right? /user/JatDCosplay?feature mhee
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The Story Tree
Lets discuss the ongoing story all together!
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