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Retroville 09
Foro de rol en español de la serie Las Aventuras de Jimmy Neutron; el niño genio.
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Foro dedicado a todos los escritores/lectores/traductores de habla español y fans de la serie de Jimmy Neutron. Este es su foro! Hablen de sus fanfics o de sus nuevas ideas aqui! Intercambien sus ideas y extiendan esta comunidad.
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who is the beter couple
i my self pefer jc
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Create ideas for NEW fanfics, speculate OTHER fanfics, and ask for help on YOUR fanfics? Package deal, ey?
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Jimmy Neutron Live Action?
have you guys ever been curious about what our favorite characters would look like if they were real people? I'm just curious here, so if the Jimmy Neutron producers decided to make a live action series or movie..who do you think they'd cast as the actors/actresses?
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Jimmy Neutron favorite villain
What is your favorite villain from Jimmy Neutron? Mine are Zix, Travoltron, Tee and Meldar.
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Next season?
I wonder if they'll ever make up their minds about a fourth season of Jimmy Neutron. What about you guys?
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Jimmy Neutron Forum
Want to discuss which of El Chupacabra's works is the best? Talk about On the Run's shocking ending? Just talk about the show? Feel free to come here.
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Unspoken Love
I am thinking of writting a new chapter for this poem but i need some help. Please give me some suggestions.
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Cindy and Jimmy are able to communicate through the wired times.
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Destiny trilogy, fallen world series! And the rest
Want to ask questions about my work? Discuss my new series, and new trilogy? Just want to shout and scream at me? Do it here!
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triple a accion,aventura y amor en cartoons II
para que hablar de tanta ciencia si siendo un genio lo tienes de todo
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The Best Damn Thing
This is all about my new story THE BEST DAMN THING!
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Which stories that I have not completed should I complete and Why?
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you can create a board for any pairng jimmy neutron you support. no flames allowed at this board.
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Drinking Deuterium Oxide
This forum is a pun involving the fact that I, the fictional moderator of this forum, happen to be insanely rich and sterile by drinking a lot of heavy water - in essence, making me a neutron moderator neutron moderator.
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