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Avatar: The Legend
For anything and everything of the Avatar universe. RPs, discussion, pairings, theories, etc. A literate RP.
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Legend of Korra RP
Roleplay in the new series, the Legend of Korra, OC's welcome
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Avatar: Legend of Korra OC Roleplay!
I had an idea: What if there was a RP that was based on our OCs? Here it is! Create your own bender/non-bender and begin your adventure! Canon characters are allowed, too!
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 6,096 - Since: 04-04-12 - Admin: chillflxme
The Legend of Korra
Set in Book Air. What if Avatar Korra's journey can be changed? What would be different? Interpretations and theories of the series are welcome. Make a bender or a nonbender and integrate their destinies with the Avatar.
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Legend of Korra: The Other Benders
A Legend of Korra RP
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 4,211 - Since: 06-13-12 - Admin: Samurai don't need angels
The United Forum
Are you a bender struggling to master your element? Are you a chi blocker who's loyal to Amon? Are you a non bender who loves Pro-Bending? An equalist? A descendant of the Gaang? Whoever you are, where ever your from, you're welcome here.
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Legend of Korra role play
Come join us to the Legend of Korra.
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Pro Bending Arena
It's a Pro Bending Tournament! Do your worst! Hit me with fire!
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Avatar the legend of Korra reflections
Join team Avatar in keeping the peace, and/or prevent disasters and protect the balance of the world with your oc!
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A place for all Korra/Asami fans to gather, love, and chat about this most lovely and smexy pairing
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Legend Of Korra Role Play
Submit ocs for Roleplay! Submit soon!
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Avatar's Life
Make a character. You can be an avatar, but those who do, get their own Avatar threads. Only one thread per Avatar. This is set in the Legend of Korra, in Republic City, after the 12th episode. Every thread can be different. Look at the forum, you'll see what I mean. You have to make the character's that are from the TV show, and ask me permission to roleplay as that character.
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Into the Abyss
When Avatar Korra vanishes, there is no hope left. The world is in danger and everyone knows it. But what exactly is this danger that is lurking from the shadows, ready to attack? Become the hero of your own story and fight. With or without avatar. Status: Open and looking for members. Last updated: currently active
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 365 - Since: 03-21-13 - Admin: DicXVIIIotto
Legend of Korra Roleplay
The criminal underbelly is threatening to depose the very foundations of the United Republic. The Triple Threat Triad, the Red Monsoons and the Agni Kais duke it out for territory in a seemingly endless battle for superiority. *Hiatus (temporary)?*
English - Topics: 9 - Posts: 351 - Since: 06-25-12 - Admin: DamnLazyWriter
The Lemon of Korra
Here you will get to RP with OCs or canon characters all you want- yes! In a lemony format! Enjoy! Note, you must ask to be a canon first.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 258 - Since: 12-17-12 - Admin: JinSun
Legend of Korra RP
Want to join a LoK RP but can't find one that isn't dead, too crowded, or under bad management? Come on down to this one! Open to anyone and their OCs or if you want you can even claim a canon character!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 204 - Since: 05-30-13 - Admin: FelicisRain
Legend of Korra OC Roleplay
A legend of Korra OC-based roleplay!
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 202 - Since: 11-08-12 - Admin: Born Waterbender
Legend of KorrAsami Español
Un foro para los KorrAsami shippers ya que somos muy pocos y sería genial conocernos entre todos, pero no todos los temas girarán al rededor de esta pareja, sino que todos los demás fans de LOK están invitados a entrar, más sin embargo será bajo su propio riesgo ya que el foro será 100% KorrAsami shipper.
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The Next Avatar RP
An Avatar roleplay that takes place after Korra. Which of course means making lots of OCs. I made this because all of the other Avatar related roleplays seem to be dead or are too far in for me to want to join. So here's a clean slate. Intermediate RP.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 159 - Since: 11-20-13 - Admin: Synthetic Raven
The Legend Continues RP
Kuvira has been defeated, Varrick and Zhu Li are married, Wu has abolished the Earth Kingdom monarchy, and Korra and Asami have headed off to the Spirit World. What will the next chapter of the legend of Korra be like? Come decide!
English - Topics: 12 - Posts: 146 - Since: 12-24-14 - Admin: Priestess Mayumi
Legend of Korra: The Syndicate
It happened, Avatar Korra and her allies managed to defeat Amon after exposing him as an Waterbender and Bloodbender. A short period of time as passed since then and they find themselves against a foe even bigger than Amon; The Syndicate, a organization of Benders and Non Benders funded and supported Amon from behind the scenes want's to control the city and the world in his honor. Will you help Avatar Korra beat these foes, or will you join them?
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The Elements Bar and Lounge
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The Avatar: Next Gen RP
In this Forum we will be creating a world after The Legend of Korra and continuing on with a new generation of benders.
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Not just a Makorra forum but a home for fanfiction readers and writers. Writers are most welcome. Our sister site is #Makorra on DeviantART.
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Legend of Korra Pairings
Seventy years later, new characters, new pairings. What are your views and comments on these characters? Feel free to discuss any possible possible pairings-OTP,OT3s, you name it.
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 59 - Since: 04-15-12 - Admin: virareve
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