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The Star Quill Society SQS
Welcome to the Star Quill Society aka the SQS. We are a group of eccentric writers. We write in various genres and topics at varying levels of skill. We're still improving so come on in! If you need some help please ask. I'm sure you'll find someone.
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Legion of Superheroes Role Play
There aren't enough of these. There really aren't. So c'mon in! Role play, Chat, or just rant about how much you love the show!
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Legion of Superheroes TAS
Discuss the animated Legion show here and even share links to the Legion forums and stories in the Legion category in the Comics section if you wish. Oh and Netiquette applies in here. That's all.
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Steven UniverseGem AU
Love LoSH? Like Steven Universe? Feel free to come talk about ideas for SU AUs! NYAH HAH HAH HAH HAAH!
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