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geniusinmath and Crescent Lilly's Roleplay
Private RP for Crescent Lilly and geniusinmath. Sorry.
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Littlest Pet Shop RP
so come and rp as humans and/or animals! -ocs always welcome-
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Littlest Pet Forum
A place for RP and discussion on LPS!
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LPS Romance RP!
Sunil X Vinnie! Blythe X Zoe! Pepper X Penny! Minka X Buttercream! Russell X Shahrukh! AND OC X Whoever you want! Have fun!
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Littlest Pet Shop Rpg
I got this form thinking, what would happen if i went to the world as a pet? BAM! this was born! Rpg as a pet and meet the Littlest pet shop world! You can be an Oc or be your Favorite Character!
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Why Blythe Baxter Wears Pigtails and Ponytails?
I Don't Know why Blythe Baxter wears Ponytails and Pigtails?
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My new LPS Fanfiction
If you want to give me the ideas, I can do them. It can be One-Shot or Chapters
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Life With Vinnie Episode Ideas
I created the first episode now I need ideas for my fanfic series! So come on and type some ideas everyone :D!
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Hedgehog Club!
This is a chat room for all hedgehogs! Big and small! It is hosted by me and my own LPS hedgehog, Writer Rhymes! So come join and have fun! We play games and talk about all types of things. And hey, I'm bringing snacks!
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