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Looney Tunes!
Play Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Sam, Sylvester, or any Looney Tunes characters! Don't plan any contests but couldn't make this forum if I didn't put it down.
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Duck Dodgers
Duck Dodgers Discussion Forum
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Looney Tunes
Are you a fan of the Looney Tunes? If you haven't seen it, that's all right. Just post if you're a big fan. Everyone is welcome, so come in.
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The knight toons and Duck Dodgers
I know there are other forums in this section but I'm not that bothered. This is the place to talk about the FoxFang and Cub adventures. You can also chat about Duck Dodgers here as well.
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Looney Tunes Discussion
For ALL the Looney Tunes
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Next Generation Looney Tunes
All the Looney Tunes have grown up and have kids. Therefore the next generation of Looney Tunes have began. Join this RP with lots of fun and crazy stuffs as you would see in the original Looney Tunes show. You will have lots of fun enjoying it ;).
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Loney Tunes rp
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Marvin & Lilly
The movie, "Marvin Meet Lilly" & "Marvin & Lilly', the series was written by NightmareBeforeChirstmasFreak. She made Lilly up. And, Marvin/X-2 belongs to WB. Anyone else have something to say about Marvin & Lilly? I say, they rock!
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Looney Tunes RP!
Roleplay as any character here! You cannot join as a character if the character is already being played here! OC's are allowed.
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Happy Days
Lola was kidnapped by Wile E. Coyote to be his girlfriend. Its up to Harley & Ivy to save Lola from being Wile E.'s girlfriend.
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Looney Teen Ghouls: The beginning
I Had drawings of the daughters of the Looney tunes and the monsters that are females, so I thought if I can bring it to the story to share this with you all. So I hope you enjoy this and comment me down below. I love seeing you guys to try imagined this story out for youselfs.
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Looney Teen Ghouls: Holly sails the seas
This summer, Holly the daughter of bluebeard (bye, bye bluebeard) and Angelina Zirconia the pirate ghost is about to go to Hawaii with her parents and ghoulfriends on a pirate ship. Holly hears a story about a treasure chest, hidden in the ocean, could holly and her ghoulfriends find the hidden treasure chest before danger comes for them?
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Epic Looney
Bugs bunny, warner brothers studio's most popular cartoon star in the world is now in deep big trouble follow him in this amazing adventure as he battle the blots evil minuons and save Warner land from destruction.
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