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La Coccinelle et le Chat Noir
The adventures of the Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir continue! Canon characters and OCs are available to RP.
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Miraculous All-stars
During one night in Paris, the nine planets aligned causing a meteor shower. Then the next day, the increase of Miraculous have appeared. Now its your chance to join the battle with or against Ladybug and Cat Noir
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Miraculous RP!
Hey everyone! I am always on and have been looking for a forum for this fandom. But, what better way to do it than to make your own, right? So come one come all and rp as Ocs or cannon characters! Lets have some fun!
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The Miraculous Challenges Forum
Welcome to the Miraculous Challenges forum, where all are invited to set up, join and otherwise make challenges and competitions for any writer wanting to try their luck
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Miraculous Roleplay
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Miraculous Ladybug Roleplay
With the rise of the amount of Akumas appearing in Paris, Master Fu may need to recruit more miraculous holders, with help of other masters. Will your Oc become a miraculous holder and help Ladybug and Chat Noir? Or will they cheer on in the sidelines? Maybe they will even help out Hawkmoth... Rp as Canon or Oc. (Forum is Open)
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Miraculous France
Join Chat Noir and Ladybug fight crime in the streets of Paris, or side with Hawk Moth and wreck havoc. Whichever your choice is, this RP is open to everyone for a mix between OC's and canons.
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Miraculous Ladybug RP
There are may Miraculous users from around the world. With them come other villains as well. An example of this is one in the US who acquired multiple miraculouses and caused mass destruction, causing many to flee to areas in Europe. This has caused some people to fear miraculouses.
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The Lucky Charm!
Foro en español para tan maravillosa serie. Sin importar si sigues el show desde el PV o si acabas de enamorarte. Aquí se da la bienvenida a toda Lady y su Gato Negro, incluso a cualquier villano que se asome por aquí. ¿Esperar hasta Marzo? ¡Éste es el lugar en donde ese tiempo se esfumará! Compartamos nuestro amor por Miraculous Ladybug!
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Miraculeux: Contes de nous!
Just a random RP for everyone! Younger and older! Yes, this RP is in English!
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Miraculous: The RP
Find your story in the world of Miraculous Ladybug and Catnoir. Will you help Ladybug and Catnoir or will you aid in stealing their miraculouses? Are you a hero? Are you a villain? Are you a civilian? You decide!
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On the Streets of Paris
A Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Chat Noir forum for challenges, prompts, discussions, games, and more. Come on in to gain inspiration and have fun! [OPEN 2018]
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Miraculous Ladybug: The Heroes through History
"Ladybug" and "Chat Noir" are names that have spread a message of hope throughout the ages, protecting the innocent and defeating the malevolent. We're most familiar with two wielders, Marinette and Adrien, but the stories of those who came before are plentiful and you get to share in their retelling. Visit here and help us build the fan-created lore behind each historical scene's cast of colourful characters and unlock more about the Miraculouses!
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ᴍɪʀᴀᴄᴜʟᴏᴜs ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ
Welcome to the world of Miraculous, a roleplay forum where you can talk with other Miraculous fans and play as citizens of Paris, whether they be a miraculous holder or an akumatized villain, or even a civilian. (Canons and OCs!)
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Heroes Anonymous
An open RP forum where anyone can be any character they want! Whether for shippy reasons, or simply wanting to roleplay, take your pick. (Please read pinned topics!)
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Cofre de los Miraculous
Con la ayuda de los Miraculous salvaremos nuestras ideas y aprenderemos a ser los mejores escritores de París, Ladybug y Chat Noir tienen mil y un aventuras por vivir y nosotros abriremos el cofre de los Miraculous para acompañarlos.
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Miraculous Roleplay
Play as one of the canon characters or create your own miraculous superhero! Have lots of fun!
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Notre cher :: A Miraculous Ladybug Group Role Play
Join Ladybug and Cat Noir on their Adventures in Paris
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Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic ideas
Just a place to put ideas for Miraculous Fanfics.
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Miraculous FR
Venez discuter de Miraculous Ladybug (un dessin animé dont le potentiel n'est malheureusement pas assez exploité), parler de vos fics, échanger des informations, demander des conseils,...
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Puns. Come on in and chat.
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Miraculous RolePlay Forum
This forum was started because myself and Jamie Tiberia Kirk started to work on an AU fic and we really loved the idea of being able to rp with the characters we made and love along with our AU we enjoy so much (basically elder sibling Felix is as far as the AU has been actually written so far). We've created this forum for anyone looking to find an open safe space to rp so feel free to come claim a canon character or create your own original one to work with!
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Guardianes al servicio de París
¡La ciudad nos necesita! ¿Cuantos responderán al llamado? Sólo aquellos con el valor suficiente pueden protegernos, ¿Eres tú uno de ellos? ¡Entonces que comience la aventura! Recibe tu miraculous y únete a los guardianes que juraron proteger París, gana medallas de reconocimiento por tus méritos y conviértete en uno de los mejores superhéroes de la historia. Ve de compras por la ciudad o cena en lo alto de la torre Eiffel, ¡pero recuerda llegar a tiempo a clase! (FORO ABIERTO)
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Les Merveilles De Miraculous
This is a Miraculous forum for roleplay, writing help, chatting about miraculous ladybug, and other things. This bio will change, I'm just not in the creative mood. (OC's and cannon characters)
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Miraculous Q & A!
A chance for writers and readers to interact more with each other!
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