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MBC in General
MBC topics about the show/characters/anything about it. Even the creators or who made the music and things like that. MBC, in general.
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the ever awesome legacy
me personally i loved this show and want to bing it back and put more of their fanfictions on this crazy cool site this thread is for all who share these feelings and I have an idea maybe if we make a petion all of us we can bring it back
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Who would you date?
Who would you date? Danny, Chris, Jermy, Sam, Cathy, Mark, or anyone else on the show?
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Which is your favorite charater?
Who's your favorite charater? Mr. Smith, John, Chris, Danny, Sam, or Cathy?
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The Future MBC
Monster buster club from the future needs help from from the past MBC. Sam/Chris and some Cathy/Danny
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