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Monster Academy
Welcome to Monster Academy, the university of the children of famous monsters. Here you can heighten your education! But that's not what you really want...You want to have fun! Attend parties, hang out and even...you know ;) Ocs welcome!
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Future life After Monster High
Takes place after Monster high or Monster Academy. Where are our monsters now? Join the adventure to maybe apply for a Job, or start a Family, or even join the army.
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MHEAH:Supernatural high school affairs
A monster high and ever after high RP forum allows Oc's and also cannons and some epic plots and some crossovers from other series's that have similar themes. ;3
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Monster High RP
Title says it all.
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Monster High RP
Monster High Roleplay, I'll leave it up to the players whether we include canon characters
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New Ghouls in School
Ok, so this is supposed to be an RP forum. And this is my first RP on this site, so please don't kill me. Here, you can create your own OC or play as an existing character if you want.
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Monster High Roleplay!
Where everything is freaky and fabulous. Come apart of the school called Monster High! Make friends, enemies, and rivals, and go on freaky adventures. PLEASE JOIN! Note: Canons will not be involved and another note...unlimited ocs.
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A Monster High Roleplay
Freaky just got fabulous! Enter Monster High! A place where all monsters can attend! Ocs and canons are allowed!
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We are Monster High
the monsters we've all come to love have since graduated from Monster High and continued their lives outside of their beloved school. Now it's time for the next generation of monsters to be welcomed into its hollowed halls. New students, new teachers, new drama, and more!
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Welcome To Monster High!
Welcome Ghouls and Gentle Monsters of all species!
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Monster High Roleplay
Come on and roleplay as canon and Ocs ;)
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Monster High: Freaky Just Got Fabulous
Welcome To Monster High! Make an OC or take a canon and roleplay to your hearts content! :)
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Make your OCs
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Welcome to Monster High
The first Forum and Roleplay for the reboot/generation 2 of MH from "Welcome to Monster High" onward! Everyone's welcome at Monster High! Come one, come all!
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Welcome to Monster High
Ah- the ending of the summer holidays is a sad time for many teens, the bliss of no homework, no evil teachers is a wonderus time. But sadly it had to end, including the monster teens. It's a new term at MH and here begins the new dramas, danger (sort of!) and gossip. What are you waiting for? Summer break can't last forever, jump in!
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Deuce Secret
Another short story
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Eyes of Anubis
Clever and Cleo are stuck with Cynthia and Nefera their evil older sisters , can the twins find out what up with their sisters or will they get sent to their grandmother's for the summer? find out in this crazy story for the twin's
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We are Monster High
Fun RP scene(s) about life in or outside of MH School life. Please no 18, shipping is fine, no gore, no vulgar language but most of all Have all the funs . (anyone not abiding by these rules will be banned, no questions asked)
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Scooby's adventure
All about the Scooby's Monster Adventure series. Ask questions and have them answered by the chacters themselves! news and general chat
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