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Monsuno Legend seeker
The World of Monsuno so vast, wide, and filled with hidden mysteries. Create an Oc with it's own Monsuno and explore it!
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Spin it out!
This would be a RP where you can spin out your own cores with Chase and the team! Even OC Cores! So come on in and Explore the world of monsuno!
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Monsuno world!
welcome to the Monsuno world where you rp, chat,and have fun
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Monsuno Couples Contest
My first Monsuno conteeeeest ;D Read for more info x3
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Monsuno: New Year's Celebration Contest
A new Monsuno contest to celebrate the approaching New Year! Deadline for your entries is 31st January 2014 - read for more information!
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Monsuno Pairings
In the show we see Beyal and Dax trying to get Jinja to like them but they always seem close to but no really. And what about Chase and Bren? Do they have something for there long time friend as well?
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The New Member
Team Core Tech discovers a teenage girl alone in an alleyway. Little do they know this girl wil chnage their lives forever.
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