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An EPIC My Little Pony Roleplay Forum
Welcome to the EPIC MLP roleplay forum, where fans and roleplayers alike can come together and have fun. Come on in! Enjoy yourselves!
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Gypsy's RP Forum of Storytelling
welcome home, wanna play?
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My Little Pony RP
Come RP as your favorite MLP or bring in your OC's! Friendly enviroment made for every Pony!
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My Little Pony RP
After the defeat of our many villains and the rise of Princess Twilight, Equestria has new hope and light. Based on the new season 5 (and any season after), My Little Pony RP is here to bring you all the excitement and action of this new princess along with her friends as they face the many tasks ahead. Pick a cannon or make your own and be part of the new Equestria Era.
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New Lunar Republic vs Solar Empire RP
War! Harmony is no longer a luxury in Equestria as a Civil War ravages the land. The once peaceful everyday lives of everypony are no more as ponies and other species everywhere are called to fight for their home. RP as an OC or a character from the show and join Celestia, Luna, Twilight, or no one as you make your own story in the fight for Equestria!
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Rainbow's Real Family
It's an MLP roleplay game. YAY! you can play with people but you have to be in the Dash family or friends of course! Please have fun and no bad words!
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The Dusk Zone
Welcome to my forum of discussion! Includes a chat room and an OC room featuring my little pony Dusk Noir. If you want to join, I strongly insist you first read the stories this forum is conceived for.
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BAM's MLP RP Forum of Fun!
Say it ten times fast.
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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Roleplay
I became a brony a few months ago and I'm starting to show it through various forms, so I made this RP, enjoy!
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zjedmun's MLP RP forum
a cool place where you can explore the MLP world with you OC and make friends!
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My little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Roleplay
My little pony roleplay, takes place in the kingdom of equestria, and... a new country kindom has dawned to the northwest. The kingdom equineia, led by Princess Moonbeam and her younger sister Moonshadow, it is up to the elder princesses to declare peace
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The Underground
Your one-stop shop for NSFW Role Play.
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mlp (NSFW)rp OCs, Alicorns welcome
welcome to the mlp (NSFW) forum. custom races are accepted, but please wait for acceptance. make sure to read note below nsfw rules in the rules thread. crossovers ok.
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Mlp role play
this forum is closed
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My Little pony RP
Come on in this is an alive MLP topic for you to join
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Auto's RP Emporium!
MLP Role play! Accepting many types of RP topics to do, we have quite a few topics already. OCs welcome! Revamping is in process...
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Equestria Rewritten: My Little Pony Roleplay
Two main ideas here. First, there's the Canon RP. In this set of threads, OCs join canons in the full canon universe. Second, we have "I freely admit this is strange." (Ifatis) This is an RP universe consisting of real life crossed with MLP anthro, and pretty much all other anthro. In addition there are some other RPs of course, but all other major RP formats that I use will be in other forums.
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MLP: Savaged Lands
When the world falls into ruins, all towns and cities are destroyed. Nothing is safe, no where is safe. Beasts, monstrous nightmares, and many many more beings ravage the lands.
English - Topics: 19 - Posts: 12,874 - Since: 11-27-15 - Admin: Aethnear
Welcome to my forum! Here we can do any RPing you wish, as long as it's pony related. So come on everypony, and join the fun!
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MLP RP forum
Hello and welcome to my MLP Roleplay forum. All are welcome and muffins for everybody.
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My Little Roleplay: Your Role is Magic
One day, I decided to make a Roleplay forum! This is it. Now, we want YOU! To join this forum to help get it started! Each person/pony helps! BEWARE! Chainsaws are allowed in this forum. You have been warned.
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MLP's Clouded Minds
Me and my friends back at Alpha and Omega honestly have nothing better to do. So we'll RP up in this, uh.. website? Sure. Warning: there is a reason for the name. This is for the clouded minds.
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My Little Random Pony RP
Come here to take part in random MLP adventures. You can create your own OC's or pick an available Canon, plus you can interact in many different places and feel free to come up with your own creative ideas.
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ERP (Not active Had to step down)
ERP with (mostly) ponies.
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WTHeckamiwatching's MLP RP OF AWESOMNESS!
Want some RPs that Rainbow Dash would approve? Then join my forum. :)
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