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Ninja Turtles rpg
Don't be a stranger! Come meet the turtles and help fight against the Shredde.r Ocs most welcome
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TMNT meets X Men Crossover RP
This is a Crossover RP involving TMNT and X-Men Evolution. Enjoy! .
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An RP with a friend. No looking. :P
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Mutants Unite! RP
Yes, yes. I'm perfectly aware that there are about thirty of these things, but this is my first time on this site, so please help me. Everyone, help us rise against our enemies' army! Guess who's back? Shredder's here, and has brought along all of our old enemies! It's our home that's in danger! Mutants, Unite!
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tmnt roleplayers unite
roleplay here and do cross overs.
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Your Favorite Ninja Turtle?
...Let's face it. We're all crazy here. We do have character discussions but we also have off-topic crazy discussions. We just enjoy each other's company. New faces are ALWAYS welcome!
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Who wants to do this RP with me?
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TMNT RP of Awesomeness!
Join this awesome TMNT RP! Come as a Canon or create an OC and join the struggle between good and evil, who's side are you on?
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The Lair
Chat about anything TMNT related or anything else not related to the boys in green. Just hang out and have fun.
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2k3 Turtles
The place for fans of the 2003 TV series
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TMNT Roleplay
Are you looking for a place to play as your favorite ninja turtles, their allies, or even their enemies? Or are you just bored out of your mind with nothing to do? Whatever the case, come on in, enjoy yourself, and have fun! OC's are welcome.
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Drabble a Day
A drabble a day, to keep the blues away! Get a one word prompt a day, write it post it! We'll all be writing from the same word, so it'll be fun to see everyone's takes, review different ideas and just have a blast! C'mon in, we don't bite ... hard ...
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RPG for friends :
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TMNT Drama Free
If you feel your being bullied online you may come to this forum and talk to those who have been bullied. There is no one here who will get past me to verbally hurt you. You can also post your ideas for stories and offer assistance to each other about... well anything you please. Please respect each other. Have fun guys. :)
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What Annoys You In TMNT FanFiction
Pretty much you can talk about what annoys you in TMNT Fan Fics. Try to keep the bashing to a minimum.
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TMNT en espaƱol
Grupo para los escritores y lectores hispanoamericanos que seguimos a las Tmnt. Esta Foro esta hecho para conocernos, compartir ideas y sobre todo para conversar sobre nuestros geniales tortugas ninjas. IMPORTANTE: para algunas personas que tiene problemas para responder los temas , tienen que inscribirse en el foro, eso se hace cliqueando abajo "Follow Forum" y listo :)
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Raphael's Hunky Body
All about Raphael the one and only
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TMNT SLASH MUST STOP! In opinon it must stop because incest and yaoi is just plain wrongthis is in no means to offend those people that do like slash if YOU favour slash DO NOT ENTER!
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Leader of the Pack: A Leonardo Forum
Anything relating to the Boy er... turtle in Blue is welcome here!
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TMNT Lovers
Hi this is moonie016 and if you want to post anything then fine but it has to contain info from the TMNT both verisons and if you post anything that contains bashings for authors then you will not be allowed in here again....have fun posting!
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10 Days 5 Stories!
I challenge you to write 5 full short stories in 10 days! Think you can do it? Join us on a whirlwind ride or literary abandon. Everyone is welcome!
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The Brainiac: Donatello
Anything related to the techsavvy terrapin goes here!
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TMNT Fast Forward
Hi its the moonie one...but here is where you can post anything about the new series of our fave boys in green remember if you post anything that bashes an author in here you will be banned from the forum. WELL ENJOY POSTING!
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Forum
Talk about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles here. Heroes in a halfshell, TURTLE POWER!
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The Fun loving prankster Mike
I noticed there was no Mike forums so decided we needed one. So here it is. Feel free to come in and talk about anything related to Mike, the turtle in orange. You know you love him!
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