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Ninjago OC's
Do you have an Awesome OC you want noticed? Are you a fan of Ninjago? Then, this is the place for you! Put a clear profile of your OC and every Friday, I will write a little story about them!
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You can roleplay here!
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Ninjago RP
Come and see if you can stand our brand of weird! Cone talk, RP and just enjoy Ninjago with us! Now revamped, please read the rules and accept before anything else. Rules will be enforced.
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Ninjago Roleplay!
OCs welcome! come play roleplay here! no swearing please, and no yaoi
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Ninjago Roleplay!
Okay this is just a roleplay, anyone can join! You can play your OCs and I'll get people to RP as the original Ninjago characters! (Except Zane, he's mine!) No bad language or adult themes please!
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Ninjago Pairings Forum
You can simply just hang out here, and talk about Ninjago pairings. You can also do crack-pairings that are completely random! Enjoy!
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Master Forum
Hey Y'all! Like the title says, it's just another Ninjago forum! Come on, click on the title, you know you wanna. What are you still doing reading this? Come on in, join the party and let's talk about Ninjago!
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Ninjago Discussion and RP
Hi! Ever seen something weird in Ninjago or are Questioning it's Logic? This is the Place for you! Whether you are a Fan or not, it's always Fun to Discuss something. Oh and you can RP here too. :) I hope you will have Fun!
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Ninjago roll play
Choose a ninjago shelter, applies inside
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Ninja of Water story Questions
Hi! Okay, so this Forum is for the you readers and fans of the Ninja of Water story to ask the authors -Mayhemb, Dr. Science, Mrs. Loon, and Rock- or the OCs -Grace, Bunny, KimLy or any other ones- questions about the story, and we'll try our best to answer them!
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We Are Ninjago!
Well, I was looking through Ninjago forums, and found that they either ended in 2015, or March. So, like any other human would do, I made one myself. OC Roleplay. Be what you want!
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Lego Ninjago Movie Roleplay
There will be 7 slots for OC's, and 7 slots for Canon characters. I will play my OC Sky, so that means there are only 6 slots of Oc's left.
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Ninjago Crossovers
Post all your Ninjago crossover's in here, This forum can be used for review games or just for a chat.
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Ninjago discussion
Come here to discuss anything Ninjago - episodes, theories, characters etc. Have fun!
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The NinjNerds
The ultimate hangout for Ninjago fans: chat about your day, geek out about Ninjago, or just get some help with your latest fanfics! NinjNerds Unite!
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the jay lovers
here we love Jay and to show it you can roleplay meeting him or just be a random fangirl or... fan...guy
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Ninjago Roleplay!
Just a basic roleplay for anybody! Come create your OCs and join! The RP will be 1x1.
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Ninjago talk
This is the place to talk about everything ninjago! characters, episodes, your latest ninjago fanfictions, and so much more!
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Ninjago Truth or Dare
This is the forum where you can post the dares for my truth or dare fanfic!
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Ninjago fan scouts!
Rpgs,contests and more
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"...These are the ninjas pathectic." She stated.
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Ninjago Intro's
A place where people can talk about the Intro to Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu
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Portal Ninjas
Hey guys! Get ready for this poll. Just posted. Enjoy
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Ninjago Roleplay
My friend has one of these so I said. "What the hay why not have my own?" B.T.W. Zane is mine Sorry...
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Grand Theft Auto: Ninjago city
Kai and Jay deside to play a game with Zane
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