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Paw Patrol Minds
Hey, Why not start a forum for this show. I'm very interested in the minds of my fellow writers/fans. We can discuss anything, this is your jumping off point. Opinions on the show or characters, ideas on new fanfics, Love/Couples (My favorite is MarshallxSkye, or just introduce yourself. Let's see what happens!
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PAW Escape: The Forum
Official Forum for the PAW Escape series of fanfics (rated M).
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TWWA (Remake) Forum
Hello And Welcome to TWWA Forums i Update the Roster's List, Pay Per Views, and also the OC Templates so Start Making OC's and WIN WIN WIN!
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The New Pup In Town
When a grayish-Wolf Husky pup Named Kasey is new in Adventure Bay the PAW Patrol show's her around. But she starts having Feelings for Ryder. How will that work out?.
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Chase meet Skye
The PAW Patrol was busy helping Farmer Yumi with getting her food out of the garden. While Rubble was finishing up getting some carrots to the barn, he noticed Skye doing some flips. This made Rubble think, and after he put the carrots away, he went to go find Chase. "Hey Chase, can I ask you something?" Rubble asked the German Shepard. "Sure Rubble. What is it?" Chase replied
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