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Operation Roleplay: A PoM RP Forum
Join in on the fun of Penguins of Madagascar RPing as well as episode and character discussions!
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PoM Writers' Hangout Rooms :D
Anyone bored of one-way PMing? Want to bounce off ideas with one another and spazz about our fav characters from PoM? Join us in this friendly chatroom discussion! Get to know one another and develop in character and skills too. :)
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Central Park Zoo
Read the title! It's Penguins of Madagascar, peeps! OCS ALLOWED!
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Penguins of Madagascar OC RPG
PENGUINS FANS ONLY! Another Rpg of mine
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Mission: Roleplay
If you're a fan of PoM, then come join the RP! Play as the penguins and your OC's, if you have some, and be ready to go on the next mission. Note the forum has 3 old topics on here, so just ignore them.
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Roleplay to the Max
This is where you can place your imagination of all kinds! Let it be parodies, plots, and so on!
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Penguins Fans Unite!
Anyone else already a major fan of this show? Come on in and join me if so!
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A Round Robin
A Round Robin for Penguins of Madagascar authors.
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The PoM OC Hangout!
Here's place to pop in and hang out with PoM characters. As OCs! There'll be Truth or Dares, chats, characters, and much more! hopefully FYI I'll be in here as Jessie the penguin.
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New Pairings
Please comment on anyone's new pairings, I will accept any posts, except if they are rude or hurtful. You can add your own pairings too :D.
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Penguins Roleplay
Either Create a character play an original,I don't care,XD just have fun doing this Ask me to be an original,I have to approve OCs
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The raccoon tunnel
Welcome to the raccoon tunnel! This tunnel has held the raccoon army since 1986. Wanna talk about your OCs and chat with mine? This is the only safe place. Wanna sign your OC up for B to A class missions with the penguins? Here's the place. You are now entering the raccoon tunnel. Please be careful on who you talk to about this tunnel.
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Operation: Forums
I created this for people who like PoM and want to talk about it or their favorite couples or whatever.
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the Bronx Zoo
You think the Central Park Zoo is weird? You haven't seen anything. Welcome to Bronx Zoo- a place where something new happens everyday.
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Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Zoo Transfer
This is my very own zoo where Alice has been transferred and now has to take care of the Bronx Zoo! So post your animals here!
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The Central Park Zoo
Join in on Penguins of Madagascar roleplaying as well as other characters from the show! OC's allowed!
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Favorite OC's
Hey guys. For those who don't know me; I am Hardrocker21. Now with this forum I just want everyone to talk about their favorite O.C.'s. There is no particular reason why I'm creating this forum. Please don't use me if I actually make your list.
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The Fans of PoM
Welcome to the Fans of PoM, a place for fans who take their fanfic writing seriously. The goal is for everyone to learn something from one another, and in the process create a community of more mindful and brilliant writers.
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Skilene For Ever
This is a forum for Skilene fans who want to chat about Skilene and the newest episodes.
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The Penguins of Madagascar RP!
Just another PoM role play. All PoM fans welcome!
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PoM Parallel Teams
Have you ever created a team similar or parallel to the Penguins, but different? Welcome to the club! Here, you can RP your teams :)
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Party! Random things to talk about for PoM!
Add random topics to talk about! It's a party! Have fun!
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Rico Pairings
Everyone write anything about any Rico Pairing you want.
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PoM RP and Discussion
Come in and RP the penguins, lemurs or as Marlene. Or perhaps you would prefer to creat an OC and join in. Or maybe you would like to just have a chat. Whatever you would prefer, you are welcome!
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Penguins Of Madagascar OC's
Have a POM OC you created? Have an OC from a story on FanFiction? Wish there was another character on POM? Well then, this is the official topic for you! Come and talk about your OC's right here! Don't be a stranger!
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