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PPG RolePlay
When it seems like all you have left is each other, you take what you can get. The world is out for all supernaturals and if you can't handle it, you die. Hold on tight. It's about to get dangerous.
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the power puffs get some help RP
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When Worlds Collide
Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite cartoons were to grow up? Ever wonder what would happen if they were all to meet. Well, wonder no longer because in this forum you can RP as an older version of your favorite cartoon characters! Join in and help build this new world and strange world! CLOSED
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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
Talk about anything PPG related here. You can talk about episodes, quotes, or anything else related to the show. Just have fun.
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The Coffeehouse
Welcome to The Coffeehouse! Chat, relax, have a coffee! Just don't forget to leave a tip!
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PPGs and RRBs
Every possible way to pair the boys with the girls.
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Rants About Fandom
There are some people out there who are tired of the whole PPG/RRB fanfics that people are crazy about. If you pretty much dislike how this pairing is being used, join me when you can.
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Powerpuff Girls Revival?
If you want to learn more about the Powerpuff Girls, and how they might have a second chance to return to the TV screen and our lives, then check this fourm out!
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The original Powerpuff Girls vs Powerpuff Girls Z
Topics that deal with comparing both versions and deciding which you think is better.
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all about the Ganggreene Gang
talk about your oppinion/attraction/love/OBSESSION of the infamous green teens.
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What's your fave PPG pairing?
Tell your fave PPG pairing here! :
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Puff and Ruff OC RP
A RP for Puff and Ruff OCs. You can use OCs from other PPG Roleplays, and use the original characters from the PPG cartoon.
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PPG Spain
Creo este foro para que aquéllos que quieran hablar de las PPG en español, así como sobre mis fics esto último puede cambiar . En "Consejos" se aceptan ideas para mejorar fics; en "Peticiones", pues eso, peticiones en general.
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PPG and RRB Fan Club
Chat about your favorite RRB and PPG couplings here! NO HATERS PLZ! First EVER forums so I have no idea how this works I will figur out though.
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Missing Authors or Books
Don't you love how you can't seem to find that one book or that one author. I mean you look at the name and you say to yourself "I'll remember it" and wave it off, but When you go to actually look for it after who knows how many days, you just can't seem to force it out. Almost like someone or thing is keeping it at bay. Well there you go. You tried. Nothing.
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A Ruff and a Punk
Are you tired of the same BrickxBlossom stuff? Want to talk about something other then BrickxBlossom? Then this forum might be right for you! This forum talks about the clash of Blossom's two evil twins, BrickxBerserk.
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Pairings You Hate!
Hey, Here You Can Discuss The Pairings That You Just Hate!
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evil puffs
what would happen to the girls if they were evil. what would the boys think. and what would the girls look like.
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HIM The Evilest of Evil
Clearly one of the coolest villians ever. Talk about all things Him!
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The Powerpuff Girls Chronicles
Activity for writers; everyone writes a sentence or paragraph that is cohesive with what has already been written and the main goal is to try and make various 'chronicles.' [ all parings and ships are welcome ]
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Welcome, class of 2017
Welcome to Utonium's Academy for the gifted and talented. Here at UA we help young adults focus on becoming the best super hero's they can be. With several different classes ranging from Telekinesis Training, to our on site Buttercup's Boxing Gym. Our goal here at UA is to mold our Adolescent hero's of today become the defenders of Justice for tomorrow. We only ask one question, are you ready to become a hero?
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Bloss n' Brick
Well basically you're free to talk aout all the thinks you love about our fav two Red's. Fav Epi's and stuff too...:DD Oh I'm also in the process of writting a new fic with our two fav characters so new and fresh ideas can be included
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Powepuff Fun Area
A place for talking about the show, asking the characters questions, story ideas, and roleplaying. Everyone's welcome to join the party.
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Discussion, roleplay and anything else.
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PPGZ club
a club that me and RollingBubbles thought up.... it's about "Dementia!PowerPuff Girls Z"........
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