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Pucca Chat
Talk about our cute stalker, Pucca!
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I Feel Sorry for Garu
Dang, how would you feel if nearly everything you do is interrupted by someone hunting you down? I do like Pucca; she is adorable! I just think if she were less aggressive with Garu, he would more readily accept her advances.
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Pucca Roleplay!
What would you do if you were Pucca or Garu or your own OC? Roleplay through different storylines and settings! Claim your character!
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Gura, Garu's mysterious Or notso mysterious little
Here we talk about about the upcoming character and tell what we know.
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Ideas for Pucca stories
What kind of story would you like to read? Please comment.
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Pucca and garu meet and they both grow up together Garu starts having fellings but pucca dose she like him back.Garuxpucca and puccaxgaru ps.rated t for teen for causing. and sexual activity
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