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Cartoon RP
Lets Rp! Edit: Now pure Cartoon RP, but mainly Randy Cunningham, but I will be putting other cartoons on this forum.
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RC:9GN OC roleplay!
So, submit RC:9GN OC's here. Format: Name: Age: Grade: Apperiance: Is in a story/stories:(Only YES or NO) Extra: Mine: Name:Randessa Cunningham. Age:14 Grade:9 Appierince:Red tank top with attched short sleeved shrug, grey leggings, purple sneakers, red headband.Dark purple hair, blue eyes, peach skin. Is in stories:Yes. Extra:Is Randy's sister, is a fairy.
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Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja RP PARTY!
Randy Cunningham is a freshmem at Norrsville High until he is chosen to be the Ninja. Come in and RP be a villan, a student and party!
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RC9GN: The Next Generation
Play in the RC9GN world... But as a next generation! You can have them as your parents or not.
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Hello everyone! This is a forum for RolePlaying the wonderful show Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja. Submit your OCs, play as canon characters, HAVE FUN :3
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Norrisville High
For 800 years, Norrisville High has been protected by a ninja. It's Randy Cunningham's turn to save the school from monsters, stank, boredom, and monsters! All RC9GN fans welcome and, hopefully, we'll get our own archive soon!
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Randy Cunningham:9th Grade Ninja pairings
Put your Fave Randy Cunningham:9th Grade Ninja pairings here.
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The Secrets of Norrisville
Everybody wants to know things like who, why, how, and more. Only thing is, we don't know. That's why YOU are recruited to fill in the blanks! Use this forum for theories, ideas, questions, and comments. Or if you just want to spout out some RC:9GN language. You decide.
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For all those who loved the fanfic 'The New Student' Here is where you can speculate about what happens next, submit ideas, or just talk about it. Ran by the author herself.
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Norrisville High: Secrets and Mysteries
Welcome to Norrisville High! Come as your OC (or canon character) and explore this madcap school. Beware of robot attacks, students turning into monsters, and major drama!
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