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Mordecai x Rigby RP
Only for serious roleplayers. No chatspeak, please.
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MordecaixRigby forum:3
welp, i hope the title says it all xD uhmm... just... keep it pg13... and still, whoever claims the role, gets it. im mordecai xD and uhmm... maximum of two roles per personn... kaythanxbai :3
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Regular Show RP! Redone
This is the Regular Show RP, My style! Anyone can join!
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Death Kwon Do!
Come up with Death Kwon Do moves that were not mentioned in the show and Role play with your OCs learning the the moves! Now you can take the roles of the canon characters as well.
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Regular Show Roleplay!
Here you can roleplay as your favorite Regular Show characters or create your own OC's!
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Regular Show: Theories
What is your opinion on the charactrs? Who could their parents be? Does Margart love Mordecai as much as he loves her? Has Rigby warmed up to Eileen? WRITE DOWN YOUR THEORIE!
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Theories of DOOM
A place to randomly post whatever theories that you have for Regular Show, be they romance, origins, or favorite foodzzzzz. Post em' here, crazy people! 8D
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A recent spike in trolling has gone up on this page. Why don't we discuss the problems of internet bullies and their quest to turn everything into their ideal utopia. Share stories, opinions, and strategies on how to handle the problem.
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Mr Parodious' Amazing Lair of RP
Consider this a place to explore and develop characters via interaction with others. :D
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Regular Show RPs , thats it really
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Regular OC discussion
Okay, Basically there are A LOT of Regular Show OCs, which are pretty awesome. But there's also some Mary Sue's not that all Mary Sue's are bad. I have some myself. We're just here to share ideas and our thoughts on OCs and stuff. Enjoy! :P
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Role Playing. Couple up whoever you want. There are no rules! Just, please, keep it PG13.
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Regular Show
Im such a huge nerd for Regular Show so I made this forum for all you Regular show nerds!
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The Naïve Man! Pops
Pops, a.k.a. The Naive Man, wants you guys to get his stories through the roof, or forums... and help from Pops-Lover, a.k.a., moderator.
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Regular Show Adding a New Character
If any of you have seen the introduction of a new character in "Brain Eraser" then I think you would support me in this. I think that FanFiction should add Eileen as another character to write about.
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University of Regular Show Fanfiction URSF
Now I've been noticing for quite a while that writers of this category are either extremely good or fairly bad. I've made this to help with some of the problems plaguing this category and attracting trolls. Currently no other teachers. Now hiring.
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Regular Show OC Time!
Just had to post a forum about it. Here you can start Regular Show RPs with anyone you meet online! Crazy, right?
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Friends with benefits Morby forum AGAIN! Ha ha ha!
Come on, you know they love each other! Lets discuss and roleplay! I want Depth people! Ialso prefer more adult. content... but I'll allow soft. love
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Generic Regular Show Forum
Just a generic forum. Any one can create a topic. RP, discussion, featuring stories; anything is welcome at this free forum!
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