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Rick and Morty Theories
Any theories about the show's concept, a certain character, etc. are welcome.
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Wubba lubba dub dub
English Rick and Morty (M rated) RP because there -hiic- was none duh RICK AND MORTY A MILLION TIMES RICK AND MORTY ADVENTURES Some ricktastic stuff with its usual 20% Morty stuff mixed in going down here! Come and create ocs, claim a Morty (Hell make a Morty HELL MAKE SOME RICKS BITCHES) travel dimensions, kill other versions of yourself, sex 'em up bruh just come down and have some R&S rp
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Just another pocket universe
A rick and morty forum, not only for roleplay but for all kinds of stuff! Enjoy!
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Rick has some interdimentional anal with morty
buckle up bucko
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what have we done
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Rick y Morty en español, Bitch!
No sé que se debe hacer en un foro, pero necesitaba compartir con todos ustedes y a parte, no vi uno de Rick & Morty
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Why now?
why... why always him?
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Rick and Morty Swift Posting
Let's talk Rick and morty. Remember old episodes talk about FUTURE ones, discuss theories and just get you swifty on
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