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This is where you can talk about your favorite pairing right here, so enjoy.
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Rugrats Zone
A place do discuss the Rugrats, rp with the Rugrats, to do just about anything that involvese the Rugrats.
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Changel Advertisement
For all those Changel, Chuckie/Angelica, lovers. This community is for advertisement. If you are a writer and have just written a Changel fic let us know! Or if your a reader and you've just read a fantastic Changel fic let us know! Long live Changel!
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Fanfic Pairings
Well, who doesn't like the pairings from the Fanfic's too? This is a place to talk about popular Fanfic pairings, OC or not.
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All Grown Up RPG
This is where you can roleplay your fave All Grown Up characters or make up one. Keep it under PG level.
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All Grown UpRugrats episodes
You can list quotes, information on the episodes, or just list your favorites.
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Chuckie x Lil
For anybody who loves Chuckie Finster and Lil DeVille as a couple.
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Tommy and Lil ff Message board
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Interview with a campfire
Talk about this awsome episode of AGU. You can even talk about that one pairing in Pickles and Beans.
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This is just a place where I can update, about my stories, characters, and other things I'm working on Rugrat related. Others can also update on this about their stories and or characters.
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