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Shaggy and Daphne fans hang out
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SD: Mystery Incorporated
Chat, talk, whatever, all about the newest Scooby Doo show, which doesn't have 'New' in its title, here! Think of the predicament Shaggy is in, stuck between Velma and Scooby- How CLUELESS Fred is! Who is Mr. E? What's with those missing kids?
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Scooby Doo Mystery Inc 3
What would happen if Scooby and the Gang disappeared just like the fist group and a new group formed...Mystery Inc. 3? What if they found clues about what happened to them and made it their goal to find what happened and where they are? What is the town trying to hide?
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OMG Pairings!
Forum to discuss pairings and whatnot.
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In here, writing challenges shall be issued by anyone who wants to, as long as they are not inappropriate without warning. Also, talk about movies, fic ideas, and trivia. Toodles!
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Daphne and Fred Forever
A place for Alll things FRAPHNE
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The Zeepers Cafè
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RP, yep, that's right
Well I am bored...and I am craving Scooby Doo RPing for some odd reason.
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ScoobyDoo romantic pairings
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A Pup Named ScoobyDoo
This is where we RP A Pup Named Scooby-Doo! Join and have fun!
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Basically Scooby RPs
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Scooby Doo! Roleplay :D
Solve mysteries, create them, cause havoc, kidnap a redhead, feed a dog, whatever! It's all about Scooby and his crew!
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shaggy and daphne
does any one else like the shaggy x daphne idea
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Mystery Inc HQ
Just a general Scoobydoo forum, since there isn't one up yet. Talk about anything ScoobyDoo related here.
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The Biggest Mystery of All is Yaoi
Just a place to talk about pairings that aren't really talked about in the SD Universe. GuyXGuy pairings. If you want a topic put up, please PM me to suggest one.
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13 ghosts of scooby doo
here fans of 13GSD can hang out
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Scooby writer
Get advice from writers share ideas. have fun
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Scooby Doo canon facts
I thought this might be helpful to us writers when writing an SD fic. What this forum is for, is to request and post Scooby Doo canon facts.Ex, Q. What's Shaggy's real name?A. Norville.
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Those Meddling Kids
Scooby Doo fans reunite! Hang out with fellow Mystery Inc lovers.
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Operation RELP Trilogy
Come in and discuss some of the weirdest fan fiction/films ever involving a dog named Scooby Doo.
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ScoobyDoo: Paring's Who do you think are the best?
ScoobyDoo - A program we've all come to love in one way or another. Here we discuss who we think are the best couples in scooby doo. Shaggy/velma? Daphne/fred? Daphne/Shaggy? Velma/fred? Tell us what you think!
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The Hex Girls Now in the Character Category!
Just to let all Scooby Doo/Hex Girls fanfiction writers, and fans, the Hex Girls can now be selected on the character list thanks to yours truly. :) I myself have two, and found it frustrating when I could not have the girls in the character list, but now we all have a chance too! Emjoy your night, and thank you all. Witch
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Scooby Doo AUs?
If you have an interesting AU/crossover/whatever idea, you can put it here to discuss or just to have your idea out there.
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