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Simpsons RP! :D
This is the only time I do an RP based on an adult-based cartoon, so please bear with me.
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Discuss anything about the characters from the show!
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Simpsons RPG
here you do simposn role play woo go simpsons!
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Is The M Section Dead?
Am I the only guy writing them? I mean, seriously!
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Simpsons Slash
Come on, lets face it, there needs to be one of these. I'm bored of the lack of simpsons slash, there are so many gay characters, it should be drawing yaoi fans like flies! Anyway, fav simpsons slash coupling? Slash fic ideas? Discuss them here.
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Everything Simpsons!
All about the simpsons! RPG, Simpsons fanfics, talk about the simpsons, and have fun!
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Simpsons Discussion
Talk about the Simpsons! What's your favorite character? what's your favorite pairing? Talk until the world dies about the Simpsons!
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Simpsons Character Discussion Forum
A topic for every character so we can all discuss them to our heart's content
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The Simpsons Canon OC RP
Play as your favorite Simpson or create an OC to put into the story.
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The Simpsons Roleplay
Where you can live out your beloved canon characters/OCs' adventures in Springfield! Anybody and everybody may create topics on this forum - so anything goes! Please feel free to introduce yourselves, your OCs, and/or which canon character you want to play!
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reasons why the simpsons is poplular
top reasons why the show is poplular
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The Simpsons Forum
If you like the Simpsons you can come and talk to me about it anytime you want.
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Bob's Lair
A board promoting the free exchange of ideas and topics for future Simpsons FanFiction projects, Round Robins on selected titles and episode discussion.
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The Simpsons Complete Season Dvds
This is for all things season related. This discusses Easter eggs, predictions about future dvds, and other stuff.
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Slash de los simpsons BartMilhouse
El porque deberían escribir fanfics acerca de estos dos personajes. Bart y Milhouse en situaciones más que amigos. Sustenten sus argumentos.
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Project Simpsons Fantasia (CLOSED)
It's old news for us now. Sorry.
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Simpson Stories
This forum has all Simpson stories.
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Springfield Nuclear Power Plant RPG
Play any character and any storyline you want. Make up your own episodes, focus on existing ones, branch off into separate threads, group together with friends, as long as everything goes to plan like a TV episode. The main pairing for my thread will be Smithers/Homer, however you like (gay/divorced/curious/open relationship etc) as I really want to explore that at the moment.
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