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From The Farthest Edge of SlugTerra
This is my first SlugTerra forum. Come join and start slinging.
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Night Fighters and Light Fighters
Dr. Blakk and the Dark Bain have some new help and that means the Shane gang are gonna have to up their game. Do you have what it takes to fight Dr. Blakk or a Shane? No mpreg or Yaoi or Yuri and nothing over T rated!
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From the surface to the caverns
Come on in and RP. Here you can play your OCs or Cannons and have fun! No Yaoi or mpeg! Rated T only! STILL ACTIVE AS OF MAY 2016
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Slugterra: A New Beginning
Welcome all Slugslingers and Ghoulslingers to my new forum. Chat with the characters of Slugterra,bring your OCs along and let's roleplay. (I've deleted the old one since I was busy before)
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Change Of Heart
A slugterra rp forum. This the second one I have made.
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A life to live in Slugterra
My first Slugterra RP! All of you slugslingers out there this is your home! Come on it, create an oc or two, claim a cannon and sling!
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From the Darkest heart to the Lightest of Gifts
It time to take your side work with Blakk, the Shane Gang, or be a Mixture. Its your choice think it over carefully.
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Slugterra The Fated Grounds
Eli Shane couldn't face doctor Blakk alone. He and the Shane gang are in need of help.
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SlugSlingers and GhoulSlingers
First English Slugterra Forum. Bring your Oc's and help the Shane Gang in their adventures! Let's sling! READ THE RULES PLEASE
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Slugterra, Yaoi-Galore!
Yaoi over here, yaoi over there, yaoi everywhere! Anyone is welcome to join, just read the introduction and rules choose your favorite characters you want to play with in any rating of your choice and have fun! There's also some mpreg sub-categories for all ratings if that's what you like.
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Slugterra Roleplay
Anyone is welcome on here, but read the rules first please.
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what goes on in the caverns
this takes place in the future, when the shanegang as we know it are no longer the protectors of the caverns. strange new things have happened. will you be a heroic guardian of the world we know? or will you try to reshape it for your own gains?
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Slugterra: Place For (No) Heroes
Slugterra's current heroes have disappeared, now it is in need of heroes to stop Dr.Blakk from causing anymore damage. Hero or not, someone has to stand up for what is right.
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Slugterrra: The World of Second Chances
Slugterra is beautiful underground civilization, hidden from the surface. It's a place full of wonderful creatures and a perfect place for second chances. So why don't you come and check around? Check rules before roleplaying please.
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TwinSai Slugterra Rp
Please Join, This Is A Slugterra Rp. Do Not Rp Intill I Say Ur Character Is Summited Thanks You And PEACE
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 81 - Since: 09-11-14 - Admin: TwinSai
Slugterra A never ending adventure
This is my first RolePlay i ever made, so expect maybe some mistakes, other then that at have fun. This RP will allow your Oc to join a Team and explore the many Caverns of the magical land know as Slugterra.
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Lanzadores con un buen corazón, Lanzadores con un corazón oscuro
El Dr. Blakk ha creado un nuevo plan maligno, La banda de Shane necesita ayuda. Escóje tu lado! Eres capaz de combatir contra Blakk o a un Shane? Este es mi primer Forum. Vengan con sus Oc's y a combatir el mal se ha dicho!
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Hace rato que ando buscando un fórum de esta pareja, pero como no encontré, ¡que rayos! Aca hice uno
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