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Gangsta's RP Spot
Where you other smurf fans can join me in RP. Hop to see you in the adventures.
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Talk about anything related to The Smurfs.
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Smurfy OC's Role Play Nook
We all have our 'smurfy' OCs. That's why we have created a little nook to tell their stories. Join the other OCs in the Smurf Village to see just what sort of mischief newcomers can bring!
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The official Smurfocalyse fan forum
I have taken the liberty to put up a Forum for fans of my fanfic series and side stories: "the smurfocalypse". This is a place where you can give feedback and suggestions as well as keep up to date with the newest info concerning my story. I do hope you stop by :)
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Smurf Kingdom
Medieval RPG. Turn based, descriptive writing RPG based in the world of the Smurfs. Rating: PG-13 violence, fantasy horror
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Smurfs Movie or tv show?
Which version do you like better? A place where you can vent about the tv shows or movie. Or simply talk about the characters and your obsession with the smurfs.
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Getting the Boot
Besides Brainy being the main butt monkey of being kicked out of the village on in the village in one episode but there had been other Smurfs that got thrown out of the village because of different reasons like Vanity Smurf being thrown out for calling
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Gargamel and the Smurfs
Do the Smurfs need Gargamel to bring them together to fight a common goal? Or is he the lesser of all the other evils that could destroy Smurf society? Discuss.
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Smurfs role play
Takes place after The lost village movie. Come rp and have a good time. Anyone is welcome.
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HeftySmurfette stories
If you like Hefty/Smurfette stories put your stories here.
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