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South Park Roleplay!
Not accepting OCs, but accepting role players willing to play canon characters.
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South Park Role Play!
South Park role play can be characters from South Park or you can make up an original character. The gang is in their High School years and yes cussing is allowed. If you are accepted in Role Play, please join Role Play 2, thank you!
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Supernatural South Park RP
A roleplay with supernatural OC's and main charaters. Suggestions are welcome for topics/ ideas
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South Park RP
NOTE: OFF HIATUS! Please forgive me if I don't get on this forum a lot just as the other forums that I intend to keep. I'll allow cussing in this forum, but I'll probably cuss as well. I have major writer's block and I want to rewrite one of my OC's characters.
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The Review Game!
I know you want more reviews. Play The Review Game! Review a fanfiction of the person above you, and the person below you reviews one of yours! Everyone wins!
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South Park: The RolePlay
A growing and hopefully detailed role play, you may choose to introduce new characters to the town of South Park, or decide to control up to three of the canon ones. Imaginationland included.
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Story Ideas
Have a story idea but no time to write it? Or just too lazy to bother? Whatever the reason, post your challenges up here. You never know what'll happen...
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Stan and Kyle?
What do people think is going on between Stan and Kyle? Discuss here.
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Kenny Luvers, Butters Luvers, Pip luvers and Tweak
For all of you that just can't get enough of the dying boy! His little orange coat complete's the scene! Also, BUTTERS and TWEAK fans as well!
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South Park RP!
Come and RP in the little town called South Park! Create an OC, and join the randomness!
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North Park Roleplay!
Just outside of South Park (and well, north) lies the small town of North Park. A quiet little mountain town.
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Kyle lovers
Kyle is one of my favorites on South Park, yet there aren't any forums out yet. I luv him, and his voice.
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Slash Park
Okay, I am a South Park Slash fan. So do to my recent boardness I here by open SLASH PARK! Talk about your favorite slash parings, advertise your slash fic, give others chalagenges. Check it out!
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South Park Lyrics
Name South Park song lyrics here like the theme song!
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South Park RPG
Rpg with Kenny,Kyle, Stan and course Cartmen too! Ocs welcome
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South Park Lovers
Anyone who loves South Park is welcome here. Just don't let Cartman hog all the Cheesy Poofs. Hang out and have fun.
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Fav SP episodes
A place to talk about your fav Sp episodes!
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South Park Roleplay
Because I just can't seem to find an active one! Canon AND OCs allowed.
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The One And Only CartmanKyle Discussion Forum
Because I, for one, am sick of seeing so much StanKyle everywhere. AntiCartmanKyle people, feel free to come here and flame...we'll just laugh at you.
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The Ultimate South Park Forum!
For all the fans of South Park, come and discuss your favorite shows, characters, and more!
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South park role play game and discussion
Here you can discuss the show, but mainly role playing games. This forum will have many south park foot tickling games, but you can create your own non tickling game that is more than fine. Anything but sex goes here, I like sex and stuff but we will get banned if we do that. Anything goes but mainly south park.
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Adventures of Coon and Friends
Play your favorite South Park characters as they save their town or even the world from the forces of evil as their superhero alter egos! First come, first serve! Ocs welcome!
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Hi! So what up? I was looking throuhg the forums and talking to my frined and fellow Bunnman lover when I realized...this couple needs more love! This is a forum where you can talk about any of the three pairings these three make or the threesome lol
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Why's the South Park category a sausagefest?
An honest question that deserves honest answers. Why is there so much slashing, so much Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Butters shipping? Why can't people just pair the kids up with girls? Explain or defend the category right here, folks!
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Clash Of The Charcters Het or Slash
Want to play matchmaker? Post up story ideas,challenges,short drabbles, or even role playing about parings that you think would be cool and either uncommon or not very popular to write a story about.Het and slash.
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