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I've noticed that a lot of people like to pair Spongebob with Sandy. Not that I have a problem with it. Any takes on that? Write about several pairing ideas here!
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The SpongeBob HangOut
Hey, this is the Spongebob Hangout. Since there isn't alot of forum, I decided to do this forum! It is a place to talk about anything SpongeBob related. Anyway, please come. I am freaking bored, darn it.
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Pros and Cons of Plankton and Mr Krabs
Discuss, agree, and disagree about the pros and cons of the 2 business rivals, Sheldon Plankton and Eugene Krabs.
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Sponge Bob RP your pants off!
Hah, what a title, i should go die... :D Be who ever you want, as long as there are'nt any clones. OCs are definatly welcome! You can rp about anything your heart desires, but try not to get in a scuff with the othets k?
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favorite episode
come here to talk about your favorite episodes 'n stuff.
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A Sandy forum for me
Come here if you have anything to say about her, me or the scotch, no one? OK I’ll fix me self a drink then, bienvenidos mis amigos, si pueden leer esto quizá quieran venir, o sea, gracias y adiós.
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Ask the Spongebob crew
A little game I picked up in the Kung Fu Panda section. Ask the Spongebob characters questions and they'll answer. Just follow the rules of a usual forum and no inappropriate stuff, okay?
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The SpongebobxSandy Evidence
Hope you enjoy my project.
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The Spongebob Squarepants RP!
Come join the roleplay!
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The Kinky Forum
Yaoi mainly but whatever floats your boat. Anything kinky is accepted her! Rape, bondage, pedophile, necrophillia, etc. :D
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We are slashers united!
Ah, so you're a slasher, eh? Into yaoi, shonen ai, boy/boy, or just plain gay smut, this is your shelter. Enter as you are-come in rear. Yes, that was a pun.
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Spongebob games!
Review 'em, play 'em, & talk about 'em here!
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Ask The Spongebob Cast and OC
Ask Spongebob and the rest of the cast questions.. and My OC's.. Ask questions in my PM box if you have to..
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Spongebob RPG
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spongbob squarepants
come and talk bout spongbob and patrick and hes friends
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My Page
Check out my SpongeBob Stories
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Attack From the Deep
This will be a place to talk about the story I have. It has great reviews and has a lot of hits.
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The world of SpongeBob SquarePants! The forum!
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Bikini Bottom Role Play
This is a role play to create your own character, and play as them in bikini bottom. READ RULES. YOUR CHARATER MUST BE APROOVED BEFORE YOU CAN START USING HIM/HER
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Spongebob RP
Well, just choose which character you want to be. First come first served basis : enjoy :
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Ideas For SpinOffs
Tell me your idea for a spin-off of Spongebob.
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Happy Squared!
Help make KingoftheStans' Spongebob forums the best that Spongebob could ever have in his life!
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Spongebob Challenges!
Give and receive challenges about Spongebob stories! This forum is for the bored, or the ones with writer's block.
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Sb spoofs and parodays
U guys have parodys its a dual winner becomes the second mod
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