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Star wars rebels
There is another Rebel team across the galaxy what happens when these 2 rebel teams meet?
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Rebels RP
This RP takes place in Seasons 1 through 2. it's ACTIVE and Searching for new members!
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Star Wars Rebels: New Adventures
Active Rp and open to anyone. The star wars characters are in new adventures that stray off the beaten path. There will be yaoi and yuri and lemons galore.
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Star Wars: Rebel Strike
Set in 4 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin), the galaxy is in the grip of the tyrannical Empire, but small rebel cells across the galaxy have been popping up and trying to resist the Empire, growing tired of their harsh rule. You can join these rebel cells and help in the fight against the Empire or snuff them out to continue the Empire's reign of dominance over the galaxy. Make an OC and have fun. RP includes the Expanded Universe material.
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Star Wars Universe RP
The Star Wars franchise has captivated millions of fans around the globe for almost 40 years, inspiring legions of stories and characters. Now, submit an OC or claim a canon and embark on intergalactic adventures ranging from the Knights of the Old Republic, the Clone Wars, Rebels era, Civil War era, and Force Awakens era. The EU does count as canon here, so the likes of Starkiller, Mara Jade, and Captain Fordo are relevant! New forum with active admin.
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Star Wars Rebels Epic Adventurs
Have fun being on who ever side you want to be.
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Red on Blue
The time of the Jedi is over - Or so the Empire says. However, Jedi or not, there are still those willing to take a stand. The rebellion is growing - Which side are you?
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Star Wars Rebels Rp
The Rebellion has begun. Fight for The Galactic Empire,The Rebel Alliance,or make your own faction if you want.
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Rebels of The Galaxy
Rebel sympathizers are everywhere, you just don't always see them. Spies that work in the Empire, slipping out bits of information, or thieves helping the rebellion get the supplies that they need.
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The Dark Side
Welcome to the Dark Side! Here, we discuss fanfiction ideas, headcanons, predictions, and fight back against the Angry Mob! WARNING: SPOILERS WILL BE DISCUSSED!
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Star Wars Rebels Future Episodes
A place to talk about all things concerning future episodes.
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Rebels Role play
Role Playing stories for light and dark side. Fun for everyone!
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Star Wars Rebels RP
Title says it all. You can play as canon characters of OCs.
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Ezra Bridger has many secrets.But one of his secrets can change the ghost crew forever.Whats happens when the crew finds out on this secret?Can this secret help the rebellion or be great use to the empire?
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kawaie ezra chan
this is my first time writing so don't be mean.i did cover myself.u like?plz help with name.u like...eirene?
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Paint & Co
Hosted by Paint the Fangirling UniWolf, her story Ask Paint and Co, that sadly had to be taken down is now a Forum. She takes Dares, Requests and will answer questions aimed at her and her OCs.
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Star war rebels RP
Join me for some good RP moments
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plenty of blueberries
a young orphan kid named ezra is out one day and steals from the wrong person. can he accept fate? read to find out.
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Need a little help
I would like to write a fanfiction on Star Wars: Rebels Sabine x OC, but I have no basic story iidée then really be kind of you if you could give me some little idea.
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star wars rebels:fight the dark side
Ezra bridger is a street rat in lothal with a lot more than one trick up his sleeve. How will he react to being captured by darth Vader and will his friends be able to get to him in time or will he fall to the dark side
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Fan's Fan Fiction
So we all come up with fanfiction ideas, and I'm sure we've all had a fanfiction idea pop up in our heads about another fanfiction. In this forum, you can post any ideas you've had based off of any of my stories (and I may use them for inspiration or use the actual idea-credit made to you of course). So come check it out and see what other fans are thinking of when they read my fanfictions! Note* I made this mostly for my sister who said she had a ton of ideas about my fanfiction Kanan the Cowboy.
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From Spectres to Apparations: Ben's Story
This is the story of about Ben solo as a child, teen, and young adult. and how he falls to the Darkness within.
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rebelle jusqu'au bout
Ezra est prisonnier de Vador après sa capture sur Malacore. le seigneur noir des siths enquête sur ce garçon et sur ses origines. quelle secret la naissance d'Ezra cache-t-elle ? quelle pouvoir le jeune padawan détient ?
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