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Jedi Training and Missions!
[Major AU] The new Generation of Padawans, Masters, and other characters have come. Missions will be needed to be accomplished - heroes will be needed. Please PM the admin/moderators for any questions.
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Clone Wars rp 2
2nd rp
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Well... I thought it would be fun to do some roleplaying in the Clone Wars Universe hence the forum.
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Stars Amoung Us
We're in war and with many generations of Masters, Knights and fellow Padawans, we will stand together and win! These hero's are needed! And That blasted Attachment rule we all know of, Well that's been deleted! We can now all love who we want to love! Also Ahsoka never left the order! Shes still here! lastly, Please PM the admin/moderators for any questions.
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Star Wars Rebels: New Adventures
The crew of Ghost meet a jedi that has survived Order 66 and there's more than meets the eye to this jedi. For me and Sleepless Naillil.
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OC RPness
OC RP-ness.
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School Days
Have you ever wondered what high school is like in a galaxy far far away? Find out in School Days RPG forum.
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Star Wars Zombies
This is a Role Play forum for surviving the zombie apocolypse...in Star Wars!
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Speculations and Guesswork
Come on people who wants to talk spoilers? Ideas? What's going to happen next in the clone wars episode? Character death, thoughts on the new season, what's going to happen next? **Spoilers are very welcome**
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Clone War Junk
Why not? There's no one else making one. FLOCK HERE!
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The Characters RP
Come and have fun!
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Role-playing, fanfiction ideas and more! We're a fast growing forum, so grab your favorite character before they're taken, or create your own character!
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RP Time
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The War of the Clones And Other Stuff
The Clone Wars rage on. The Republic and the Sepratists are in a fierce stalemate. Only a select few of Jedi, clones, Sith, and spies will detirmine the tide of the war. Who will live, and who will die? Who will be honest, and who will lie? AU, no attachment rule because I said so. So come on in!
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Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Paths
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Worm Wars FanClub
The fan-club for the quite popular series "Worm Wars."
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The Clone Wars AU RP
An AU RP within the clone wars, hop in as a Jedi, Clone, Civilian, etc. Obey the rules.
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Just like the title says!
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The Fine Line of Lovers & HATERS
Do you hate any one character on the Clone Wars? Any couples you wish to burn? Anyone that must die? Do you love/admire/crush on any character? Come here and bash or express your love or hate for anyone on the Clone Wars!
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Clone Wars RP
An RP where you can go as a Crime Lord, a Republic, or a Confederate. The chief rule is: have fun!
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Star wars Clone wars rpg
take control of a jedi, clone, or reprogrammed droid in this rpg OC characters welcome
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Clone Wars Discussions!
A free forum to talk about the current or past seasons or the movie. Just have fun and please no dissing on people's opinions! This is an open minded place!
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Season 5
Discuss anything and everything that has to do with this season.
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Ahsoka's fate
Tell us what YOU think might happen to Ahsoka the moment George Lucas wraps up episode 100, the last in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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Aggressive Negotiators
Do you think you should have been born in a galaxy far far away? Have you got lost on your way to Coruscant? If you tend to negotiate with a lightsaber and think you're worthy of being a Jedi then don't hesitate and join us!
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