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Steven Universe Ultimate OCs
The time has come for the scattered gems, humans, and other creautres to come together for a final stand against Homeworld. This is it, the Final Battle of the Forum. Currently Recruiting Members for What May Be The Final Battle. Old and new members welcome!
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Four Moms
Before Steven was born, it was always just the four of them. Rose Quartz, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. While they may met other Gems on the way, one thing was always certain; they would stay together, and they will protect the Earth. Why? Because that's what it means to be a Crystal Gem.
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Steven Universe Ultimate OCs Vol 2
Ultimate OCs Forum revived! Create and role play as your own gem or human OC!
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Steven Universe RP: Day by Day
Create a character and explore the possibilities of how you affect the world and how life can change for the better or for the worse.
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Steven Universe : The Expanded Universe RP
NOW ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS! Like Steven Universe? Like Canon? Like Headcanons? Then come join us for a wide variety of adventures and shenanigans! Join us on Discord for a good Chat. Contact ImperatorDuck #0156 to get more information. Just make sure you say where you're coming from.
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Steven universe Synergist academy edition
This takes place in a reality where the gems never had a physical form and where found by humans. Once this happened they found a way to harness their powers through synergy with the gems. Many a Synergist dream of the day they can finally walk through the doors of the collage and go through the final stages of becoming a crystal gem, as a guardian of the earth as well as the other star systems. these students are the elite. The best of the best. And now is their chance to prove it! Welcome to Synergy acade
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Steven Universe Roleplay: New Adventures Multiverse
After defeating the Cluster, life resumed as normal, or as normal as possible, back on Earth. However, lately, it seems the multiverse has been opened to them. Who's to say all of the universes visiting this one is friendly? (Potentially AU)
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The Steven Universe Lounge
This is a nice place for all of you SU writers/readers/fans/kumquats to talk about the world of Steven Universe or life in general. Make yourself at home and enjoy! *RP open* Question of the Day-Question 11: What's your least favorite SU episode?
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Steven Universe RP: The World We Saw
"Each living thing has an entirely unique experience." -Rose Quartz; Things they've seen, things they heard. What do you fight for? Why do you fight for it? How were you influenced by these cruel and beautiful worlds? If you love Steven Universe, roleplay, and fun with fellow fans, then this is where it's at.
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Steven Universe rp
Come rp Steven Universe . Anyone welcome .
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A Steven Universe Roleplay
An active Steven Universe roleplay! What else is there to say?
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Temple of the Crystal Gems RP
An RP for Steven Universe made by me, since all the other ones are dead. Now get in here. C'mon, ya know you wanna see what's inside.
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Before the War
Before the Great Gem War, there were two sides: the Loyals and the Rebels. The Loyals remained on the side of Homeworld and their Diamonds whereas the Rebels fought for a puny, undeveloped planet called Earth. No canons, purely OC-driven RP.
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Steven Universe: War of Worlds
During a time when no one else would take a stand for earth, these people did. Your decisions will change the faith of the earth this is a serious/advanced RP.
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Diamonds in the Rough (Roleplay)
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Steven Universe: saga of the crystal gems, RP
Steven and the Crystal Gems have traveled back to the Gem home world to protect it from an oncoming swarm of corrupted Gems, however, they have enlisted the help of select Gems to protect the temple and stop any threats from seeping through
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Steven Universe OC Craziness
A place where we take our OCs through an adventure alongside the other Crystal Gems! Space open! Members 7/15
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Gemsona Roleplay!
Much like the title says! Create a gemsona and roleplay as them! Pretty simple, right?
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Steven Universe RP: Earth
The history of the gems that first came to Earth to the present day. How was it like in the early days of the gems? The war and living on a planet were everything lives and dies so quickly. (OC and Canon characters needed)
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Steven Universe Mafia: The Fall of the Crystal Gems
One night, the Crystal Gems awaken in a strange dimension where nothing makes sense. People are there who shouldn't be, and everyone is scared for their lives. Will the Crystal Gems survive the advent of the mafia in this strange place? Ratio: 8:3:1:1
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Gem Glow
Welcome to the world of gems, magical protectors of Earth! Become one of them! Fight with them... or against them. Which side will you be on, who will you become? The choice is up to you. Step into a roleplayed world of Steven Universe! OC's and cannon welcome, you must accept the rules before you begin, characters must be accepted to start. You can jump in at whatever point we are at in the roleplay, so don't worry about entering late, we can make an entrance for you!
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The Rise of Black Obsidian: A Steven Universe RP
It was thought that rogue Crystal Gem, Black Obsidian, was defeated and long gone by now. When he makes his return, who will stand against him, and who will he claim as his own?
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Diamonds in the Rough: A Steven Universe Roleplay
Join this universe's adventures as we delve into the lives of this world's Crystal Gems. Discover the secrets and events leading to this universe's Gem War, fight to protect the Earth in constant battles, and experience the events of Steven Universe with your own OC's. -OC's Welcome, OC Crystal Gems, Intermediate/Serious RPers Wanted-
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Steven Universe en español
Roleplays, ideas, OC's, todo acerca de Steven Universe para los que hablan español.
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Across The Galaxy (A Steven Universe RP)
With the abandonment of Earth by the Homeworld Gems, the Crystal Gems are allowed to take a breather, with no problems in sight. But they exist, quietly lurking in the stars...
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