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So You Want To Be A Titan? Roleplay
The Titans have to expand their team, so they've sent out an ad for all young heroes. And of course, if we have new heroes, we need new villains. Do YOU have what it takes to be a Teen Titan? Oc's and Canon characters accepted, and always open!.
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Teen Titans: League of Titans RP
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Private Teen Titans Forum
This is a private forum for CharmyGirl5, Inkpress00, Dramamamapwnsall, and of course myself, broadwayfreak123. It will hopefully be a solution to my own apparent problems with staying faithful to our Teen Titans RP.
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Teen Titans Role Play!
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Teen Titans: League of Titans - Next Generation RP
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Teen Titans RP!
OCs, RP, and fun!
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Teen Titans RPG
Ever wanted to be a Titan? Here's your chance! RP your own titan, and play along with other titans!
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Teen Titans RP SCHOOL!
You make characters that go to a super hero school, and train their abilities. No Canon Characters, only OC's. PLEASE JOIN! Yay!
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Teen Titans: Role Play!
Have you always wanted to join the Teen Titans? Have you ever wanted to desgin your own team? Want to make your own character and control its destiny? Live the legacy now and join Teen Titans Role Play!
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Of Myths and Legends
I am Legend Maker. This is the forum about my Teen Titans work. I will post previews of my stories, explanations for my fanons, other general topics, and whatever shiny thing has distracted me for the moment. Ohhhhh, shiny!
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Teen Titans Next Generation
There the next generation. How will they handle taking over fighting crime?
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Teen Titans Roleplay
The Teen Titans have all grown up and joined the Justice League. With their new and plentiful responsibilities, they barely have time to watch over Jump City. Realizing this, the Titans have searched for new heroes to succeed them and protect their city. But with new heroes, come new villains ready to challenge them. Will you become Jump City's next big hero, or the villain that brought it to its knees? (DC/Teen Titan RP)
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Teen Titans RP
Calling all Teen Titan fans! This is just a role play who love the show Teen Titans! Anyone is welcome!
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DCAU Teen Titans RP
This is based off the Cartoon Network Hit Teen Titans Animated. Come on in and create your own OC or play a canon.
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Teen Titans Rp
just a teen titans Rp be yourself :
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Titans Unite!
Threats have arisen. Create your own titan and join others in defending the city
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Teen Titans: Back to Basics
There are new Teen Titans, there's a new HIVE Academy and there's plenty to do in Jump City. Come on into this RP of ours, let's tell a story together and have some fun!
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Teen Titans Role Play
Most important thing have fun! If you have any questions, email me.
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Pairing Peace Club
Down with RobRae! I hate BBStar! Hate all of the shipping wars and looking to find peace? Come here! Show your love for whatever pairing you support, be it anything from RobStar to SpeedyAqualad! Don't let close minded people get in your way!
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Teen Titans
Meh, can't be stuffed writing one of these, so, yeah, whatever.
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The Titans: Distant Wasteland
Welcome to the RP of the distant future of Jump City. Join any side, either good or evil. Form your alliances with the titans, or bring them down to annhilation and have the world for the taking.
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Teen Titans: New Era RP
A new era of Teen Titans is forming as fresh young heroes with awe-inspiring powers and abilities are brought together to fend off crime and evil. Under the guidance of the former Titans, will these new heroes be able to follow in their footsteps? ACCEPTING OCS, RP SET TO BEGIN SEP. 24
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Teen Titans: Behind the Mask
The Titans have moved on. Solo careers, bigger opportunities, things that have taken them away from their home in Jump City. There is a new team of Titans, as well as a few more teams of kids who aren't on the good side. Join today and pick a side, seeing the teens balance daily life with saving or destroying Jump City.
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Teen Titans Roleplay
Come in, claim an original character or make up your own. Based off the animated TV series. And most of all, have fun!
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Teen Titans Roleplay
Welcome to the Teen Titans Roleplay! Here you can roleplay as the original cast of the show, or your own character (OC) K-M Rating, please read and accept the rules before roleplaying! Thanks!
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