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Not really a contests forum, just RPG and games but I had to label it contests or it wouldn't become a forum! Please join! This place needs a kick start!
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TMNT: Mutants Rising
Come one, come all to the TMNT: Mutants Rising Role Play. Create your own Hero or Villan or Monster, or you can get the original characters as well. Enjoy and have fun! ;D!
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TMNT RP and Fan HQ
Get your turtle on. Cowabunga! RP in the big apple with other TMNT fanatics. Guess what? Have a radical time!
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tmnt role play
Come join with your oc's for this role play. Hero's, villains, mutant and humans welcome. ACTIVE!
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Turtles RPs - Everyone welcome
Anyone can join / set up any kind of roleplay :-)
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TMNT Role Play!
I had no idea that I could do this! Will someone Role Play with me?
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I am searching for roleplay partner
Hello people I want to start a 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' RPG and I would be glad if someone wants to write with me! (:
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TMNT Role play
TMNT Role Play anyone welcome. OCs allowed.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Sues
My god, they're everywhere in this whole 2012 section that my eyes bleed. Is this TMNT writing for beginners? Definitely what I'm witnessing.
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New York's Ninjas RP
There's never a night where New York City isn't being watched over by the lean green fighting machines. Nor one where said machines aren't facing off against a major threat. Why not give them a hand? Or a hindrance, same diff.
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Mikey vs Leo
Mikey is fighting with Leo over the new girl! But she has a secret... Note: I don't own the TMNT though I wish I did...
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See You Tomorrow series forum(Questions, comments, and story requests)
Hey people! DonnieApril123 here! I'm at the peak of my series, and I am FINALLY reaching out to y'all, my readers! Soon, I will be adding contests, and more! But for now, this forum is for plot questions, story comments, and for those of you with ideas or story NEEDS, plot, story, or chapter requests! If you guys wan a contest soon, please subscribe to the topic, who wants a story contest! and comment what contest you want. I will personally announce any contests, and their winners, and new stories, and for
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This will include ROLEPLAY! Oh and also contests! Have fuuun!
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So this is the unknown story of Raphael's point of view and the things that go in in hies head. half debauchery(sexual tension) half romance. The turtles meet another deadly enemy, or ally?
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Insanely wicked
Feel free to come and talk,if you make inappropriate stuff i will only let moderators create forum topics!
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Turtle Power!
The place to talk about every one's favorite Hero's in the half shell! come and join in on the fun!
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Seeking Roleplay TMNT 2012 RPG
Hello fellow TMNT 2012 fans! I would like to get a RPG going, if anyone is interested.
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TMNT 2003
Is there anybody besides me who writes stories about the 2003 version of TMNT in this category? If so does anyone want to talk about it?
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angel y yo
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angel y yo cgg
angel y yocvbbjj
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angel y yp
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A Frozen Heart
Donatello Been Avoiding To Meet With Someone Lately, Especially When It Comes To His Family. He Was Having A Trouble Sleeping Lately And Being Paranoid Over Something. Something's... Doesn't Seems Right. Everyone Could Feel It By The Cold in Donnie's Eyes. He Was Hiding Something... But What Is It?
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Buscando Mí Destino
Hay veces cuando la vida nos da el más cruel de los destinos… nunca en mi vida eh podido experimentado lo que es la ignorancia, pero a pesar de eso nunca podría vivir con ello.  Al pasar el tiempo creí que nunca más volvería a ser herida… ahora sé que quiero volverme alguien un poco más fuerte, para impedir que el destino me arrebate mi único motivo de muerte… Al pensar que finalmente podría vivir mi propia vida, el destino me arrebato mi único motivo de vida…
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Entre Odio y Amor TMNT Yaoi Raph x Leo
Leo Odia a su hermano Raphael, harto de ser humillado y ser maltratado por él, comienza a sentir Odio hacia su propio hermano Raph esta enamorado de su hermano y líder Leonardo, pero su orgullo no le deja decir lo que siente; de un momento a otro comienza a ser mas "cariñoso" con el, pero recibe respuestas muy inesperadas. Las cuales le causan simpatía y ternura a la vez.
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When The Last Candle Shines
Was he tired? No, he was beyond than that. But why can't he see how awful he looks? He have done enough, why can't he see it? Why won't he stop? Why does he kept saying that everything he have done wasn't enough?
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