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Sodor's Engines and Friends
A hub for roleplays based around life on Sodor, including disasters, celebrations, crossovers, alternate universes, human roleplays, reversed roles, Shining Time Station and more!
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Sodor's Shed
This is a forum about Thomas & Friends. From the characters, to the Island of Sodor, to Shining Time Station, to the original books, to the videos, even to the couples, characters, and fanfiction you like. Anything Thomas & Friends is welcome here.
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Thomas And Friends Roleplay
A Roleplay for Thomas and Frieds! What kind of adventures will you get to be a part of on Sodor? Join and find out for yourself!(This RP has NOT started yet. I'll start it if enough people want to do it.).
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Thomas the Tank Engine: UNCUT
What should the next episode of "Thomas the Tank Engine: UNCUT" be about?
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North Western High
Katie Maya Stone lives with her best friend Thomas Billinton since her family is missing,and now,Katie and Thomas are going to a school called North Western High,meet new friends,and discover a secret they would never forget.
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The secret of the magic railroad
The railroad has a secret that dosen't tell Lady guardiƔn of the magic railroad. Hidden in the ground their are lots of shiny crystals but the important crystal is a girl freeze up. Her name was Karen fairy and creator of the magic railroad. She was in a war to protect sodor from destruction.When she was young Karen always was kind, gentle, honest, and friendly, and she was the Princess of the magic railroad. Wil Lady and thomas find the secret of railroad.
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Thomas and Friends
This is a cool little thing, we can talk about do's and don't's, ships, etc.
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Purple Love (James x Edward Jamesward)
James has a crush on Edward. Edward doesn't know until one day...James makes a coming out song that he's Gay a.k.a. Homosexual. Edward feels really heart warmth after that and then Edward tells him he's gay too...now they are in love secretly.
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