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Sodor's Shed
This is a forum about Thomas & Friends. From the characters, to the Island of Sodor, to Shining Time Station, to the original books, to the videos, even to the couples, characters, and fanfiction you like. Anything Thomas & Friends is welcome here.
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Thomas the Tank Engine: UNCUT
What should the next episode of "Thomas the Tank Engine: UNCUT" be about?
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Down at the docks
Where nothing is at it seems and big robots wandering around, welcome to 2012 on Sodor.
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Full Metal Railyard discussion & ideas
...sigh. This is humiliating... "My itsty bitsy fandom, is spread out far too wide, Bring them all together, the author did decide, So all those clever people, can share all their ideas, And make sure Full Metal Railyard, lasts for many more years."
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