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Total Drama Writers' Forum
We're bringing back the FORUMS, people! Anywho, this is a forum for all you Total Drama FanFiction writers out there. Here, we'll talk about anything from Total Drama to music or whatever. Get your hot chocolate, cup noodles, snacks, and enjoy the forum! And like I would say: Refrain from anything vulgar :)
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Total Drama RP Universe
Hello there! This forum was founded by Noel Batsworth. This is an independent RP establishment. If you'd like to join us, feel free, just PM Deputy Admin MrAwesome1999, we'd be happy to have you. Virtual drinks all round! (underage people get 7Up :P)
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Total Drama Supernova RP and Discussion
Total Drama Supernova now has a forum! Chat about the events, or RP as your characters and others for fun!
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The Writers' Lounge: TDI Edition
Created out of boredom. Readers, or people who are both, are also welcome. Discuss favorite stories, chat amongst fellow authors, or just take the break you deserve. We also serve nonexistant coffee. YAY!
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Total drama life!(closed)
Yes another Roleplaying forum LOL
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Total Drama Danverse - Foro
¡Hey, fanáticos de Total Drama Boney/Maukayotl Island/s of Fire & One World! ¿Acaso tienen alguna teoría dentro de su cabeza? ¿Idea o sugerencia? ¿O acaso simplemente quieren ventilarse o charlar un poco acerca de la trilogía de fics? ¡Pues, de ser así, este es tu lugar indicado! ¿Que estas esperando para dar tu opinión al respecto?
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Total Drama Real Life!
What if TDI, TDA, TDWT, and TDROI never happened? What if all of these people just happened to meet in the city of Wawanawka? What would go down?
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Total Drama Demigods
Welcome to Prinze Academy! The only demigod friendly place around that will not only help you discover your history and parents, but also, your true strength.
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My TDI Roleplay
Here's yet another TDI RP.
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Total Drama Triangle
This forum is for the members of my fanfic Total Drama Triangle.
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Total Drama Pop Culture!
Come pick an OC or canon and compete in the new season of the Total Drama series: Total Drama Pop Culture! With challenges based on movies, video games, and books, you know this is gonna be one heck of a season!
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Total Drama Heroes
Whether it's RPing as heroes (OCs or contestants) or my story Total Hero Island, this is a forum for TD contestants and OCs. Join if you want ;)
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Total Drama Amusement and Thrills
Chris has brought the contestants back for a new season. This time? At an amusement park! With millions of new attractions, new ways to play, drama to the extreme, and just plain whackiness, who will win two million dollars?
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Total Drama Gaming
This forum has everything to do with Total Drama Gaming. Contestants, challenges, ideas, and everything in between.
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Total Drama: The RP!
A place to Roleplay TDI! Can play any of the 27 characters shown in the series as well as OCs! There's also a thread for posting pictures you found on the internet! Go ahead and join! Don't be scared! We don't bite!
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Total Drama Crazy Vegas!
What would happen if all four seasons of total drama never happened? what if Chris and Chef worked in a Hotel Casino in Las vegas and all the contestants were invited to stay in the hotel by Chris Himself to give him feedback on it!, what will go down in vegas? remember what they say, what happens in Vegas, stays Vegas!
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Total Drama Career The RP edition
Welcome to Total Drama Career The RP edition. Please enter sir or madam or something else into the land of Total Dramaness and hope you enjoy. Good luck with your journey here and remember to have fun and report problems to me please.
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Total Drama
20 years has passed since the last Total Drama show, and everyone had almost forgotten all about the intense, dangerous, and drama-filled events that transpired. Of course, that will never do for our favorite host: Chris McLean. Do you want to be famous?
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Kels and Greenie's TDI Roleplay
I know there are a million of these, but hey, they look like fun and I've never been a part of one before.
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Total Drama Island, Action, and Musical Roleplay
In this place, we will be roleplaying TDI, TDA, and TDM. Please join!
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Hello peoples! I am doing an RPG even though there's a bunch. I still have spots left! Please join!
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Total Drama Bon Voyage
All readers and especially submitters should check this out! For the purpose of character and plot development, mostly.
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The 24 Total Drama Teens go across the ocean on the TOTAL DRAMA CRUIS SHIP! Compete in challenges, Make alliances, and Boot out your enemies on TOTAL DRAMA CRUISE!
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Total Drama Island RPG
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Total Drama All Stars: Alejandro's Misery
This is based on my Fanfic "Alejandro's Misery" Alejandro is the victim of Chris' next challange for the Villianous Vultures and the Heroic Hamsters. Will he survive long enough to be saved from the animals or will he be too injured to continue competing? And also, Mal seems to have his sights on the Latin Teen, and will do anything to get him.
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