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Ultimate Spider-Man:Heroic way
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Ultimate Spiderman Roleplay
Join Spiderman and the gang in their adventures :)
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Young Avengers
Welcome to the Young Avengers Initiation program. Please sign in and become your favorite Teen hero. Ocs accepted but please make one (oc) take one(cannon.
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Come on in and join to play as your own OC!
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Ultimate Spiderman Episode Discussion
A place to just talk about all Ultimate Spiderman Episodes, past, present, and future.
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Ultimate Spider-Man RP
Welcome to the world of superheroes! Join as a hero in training, a villain, a vigilante, or even just a school student!
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The Ultimate Spider-Man Forum: For all your fandom needs
A forum dedicated to the Ultimate Spider-Man (cartoon). We can talk, gush over, rant, cry, and pretty much just do everything together. The only requirements are your dedication to the fandom and great humor...kidding, all you need to be is a fan, though great humor is a definite bonus. Welcome, fans, click that link and you'll be one of us... And then there's no going back B)
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Ultimate Idea, Character, and Prompt Generator
Do you want to write something, but need ideas? Do you need a character, but can't think of one? Is you muse just not active? Well, you're in luck, because my muse is working overtime! If you need ideas for a story, character, or want a prompt, then you've come to the "write" place! Everyone can submit ideas/characters/prompts, and everyone can use ideas/characters/promts!
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The Phantomverse (Earth-0819) Forum
Our section of the USM Community! Any questions/concerns/comments about the Phantomverse can be directly posted through here and we'd like to hear from you guys what we can do to make the stories better for all!
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Discussions about Harry
Whatever you need to say about Harold, say it here.
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Fight for Nova (a private forum for now)
(Private forum for me and Nova'sGirl)
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The Peter Parker character
Something we can learn about Peter Parker even from the comics? Let's talk about it! -
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