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Doomies Unite
Welcome to the Doomies Unite discussion forum! DU is a Planet Doom/Voltron fan community that places emphasis on the antagonists/antiheroes of all of the incarnations of Voltron, but it doesn't ignore the good guys, either ;) Everyone is welcome to participate in discussions, and everything in the fandom is fair game. I do ask that you refrain from unnecessarily bashing ideas/characters/pairings, etc. however, and behaving like a general arse.
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Lotor and Allura fan Club
For all fans who are obsessed with the pairing idea of Lotor/Allura. Talk about the characters, fanfics, or new idea's for fanfic challenge.
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Keith Kogane had been hurt all his life. No parents, no siblings, bullying. It's a nightmare. But yet there is a silver lining through the clouds, and he meets friends, a family, everything he had longed for. But one frozen midnight the thoughts flood in, and there's no escape. But there's always a silver lining through the clouds, right? *self harm and suicide*
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Voltron Rp
it's the never ending war and we are the last hope (you can either be on the opposing side or on the voltron side.)
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Love, Hugs and kisses (a VLD Klance ff)
WARNING: THIS Fanfic contains Boy x Boy, don't like it, don't read it. Its a Klance Ff... NO ORIGINAL CONTENT FROM VLD.
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Voltron x reader oneshots
request one shots for me to write
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