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Wild Kratt Head Central
Another simple place for anyone to come and share there Wild Kratt rps! Based off Talee's great forum!
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Team Wild Kratts
Come one come all if you want to chat about Wild Kratts! :D
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wild kratts a journey through time discussions
The new episodes of wild kratts are coming soon where Aviva finally finished her time machine. So I made this forum so people can talk about what they hope happens, and after the new episodes come out, how they liked it. :-)
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It Made Me Make A New One
Didn't want to, but it made me. Real topic inside.
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Wild Kratts Roleplay
Just look and see! :)
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Raptor Roundup!
Discuss this episode or any other episodes that have raptors, or birds or just anything about WK!
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wild kratts talk
this is a place where we can talk about wild kratts stuff
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Episode Discussions
A place for fans to talk about what has happened on the show and what we would like to see happen in the future.
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Wild Kratts Roll Play
Do you like to roll play? Do you like Wild Kratts? Well, this is the place for you! Roll play the wild Kratts, plus one OC- me! Yeah, just like in EEnE, I like to pretend I'm in Wild Kratts- AS there 3 year old baby sister! Cute! Please post something if you visit.
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Wild Kratts Role-Play!
Chris and Martin get a specail e-mmail. Its a invitation
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Wild Kratts
Come on in and join the fun!Wild Kratts TV show roleplay...
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happy april fools
hi im a new writer and im not good with summaries but to put it simple i decided i wanted to write stories so i hope you enjoy it.
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Creaturetheme suggestions for more of my upcoming Wild Kratts series
I want my stories to connect to the in order to educate on the animal kingdom while keeping them interesting. I'd like to hear from all of you what you would suggest which creature/theme I should do next to showcase (they cannot be reused from The Wild Kratts TV series, my stories, or be fictional; extinct animals MIGHT work depending on what you're asking for to see). Then, if there is a good handful of some particular species a majority of you suggest, then I will open a poll to determine which creature I
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Calling all Wild Kratts Fans!
Hey, you, yes you, IJGirl here with a bizarre idea! My friend WKFS1 and I were talking about some things, and we happened to toss up an idea about a Fan 'Funded' fanfic! What's that? Well, it's where WK and I have a story plot, BUT, after we post the first chapter, how the next ones go are entirely up to you guys! How can that be? Well, hopefully, you'll be friendly and awesome enough to post your ideas on this forum! But, we need to know if anyone would actually want to be part of the project! PLZ comment!
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Wild Kratts Fan forum
Here can you talk , rplaying anda lot more about WK! (All can post Topics)
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Wild Kratts Crossover Challenge
A challenge to all wild kratts fans out there, if they dare to except.
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Wild Kratts Discussion
Discuss Wild Kratts and what you want to happen right here!
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Wild Kratts: Chris Kratt's First Kiss
Chris has a hard time trying to tell Martin that he loves Aviva. But until Martin gets a girlfriend, Chris is getting the guts to tell. Once Martin knows what Chris is thinking about, he helps his little brother out to get the kiss out of him.
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Making Wild Kratts OCs
Help others and get ideas for Wild Kratts characters! If you need new characters for fanfictions, Ocs for roleplaying, or any other kind of character, this is the place to be! The only rules are no posting stories, chapters, etc., keep the characters Wild Kratts related, and no cussing/swearing/bad language! Also, please be nice to everybody!
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