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The Magic in You
See where the magic is in you. This is an OC roleplay, your character needs to be approved by a moderator before RPing and you must read the rules. I hope you have fun :D
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Winx Writers Anonymous
New to the category? An old dog looking for new tricks? Sick of cliched plotlines and poorly-written characters? Don't want to fall victim to the dreaded Mary Sue? This is the forum for you - dedicated to increasing the quality of Winx Club fiction.
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After The Legends
The Winx Club and their friends have passed the torch onto a new generation. Fairies, Witches and Specialists have been joined in the Magix Schools by Wizards, Paladins and Valkyries, on top of all their adventures and drama as they train and grow stronger. Also featuring an alternate universe where everyone you thought you knew has taken on a different role.
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Believe In Magic
Join the magic like never before. Create a fairy, wizard, or witch and start RPing. Be who you want to be and meet the Winx Club! There's only one thing left to do now, believe in magic!
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Winx Club RP
Have you ever wanted to go to Cloud Tower, Alfea ,or Red Fountain school? Well now's your chance. Create a character, or use one from the series. Have fun!
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Winx Club Fanfiction Challenges
Does exactly what it says on the tin! This is a forum made to provide WC writers with fun challenges, inspiration or a cure for writer's block. So what are you waiting for? Come on in and join the fun! :D
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Winx Club RP
Welcome to Alfea, Red fountain and Cloud tower. Come RP with us
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Winx Club Role Play
Summit your OC and join the role play. You can be a fairy, specialist, or witch. You can summit as many OC's as you want if you can keep track of them. Please join I'm making the amount of fairies and specialists limited.
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It Feels Like Magic
It feels like magic in the extravagant world of Winx! Discover your inner power, fight magical monsters, earn your wings, attend classes at Alfea, Cloud Tower, or Red Fountain, and much much more!
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Soar Through The Magic Dimension!
Come and Soar Through The Magic Dimension! :D No Rules! :D Come Make an OC and Jump Right It! :D It's THAT Easy! So Come On! :D IT'S FREE! :D
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The Winx Club
A place to discuss couples, plots, new seasons and everything else right here. Anyone is allowed to make new topics and freely discuss anything they want.
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Shadows on the Wall RP
Join Magix with your very own Character! Whether it be to fight heroic battles, find true love, cause havoc, overcome your weakness, come to terms with your past or even just to chat in Magix: There is something for everyone and anyone to do here! So what are you waiting for? Join the fun!
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Welcome to Magix
Fairies, Specialists, and Witches are learning and going to school. Join in the fun, create a few characters, and have a great time. Open to all!
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Together We Fall RP
We could have never seen it coming- but he returned. Now we would never forget the day The Fallen Angel, known as Valtor, returned to our Dimension. He has taken Domino, destroyed every trace of the royal family and the Dragon's Flame. And now... Well now he's coming for the rest of us.
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Be a student at cloud tower,alfea,or red fountain
Be a fairy witch or specialist
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Winx's RP
Story's from winx club
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Winx Club, The Next Generation
Come RP as the children of the Winx Club as they all go to school.
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RPG New Winx Club Generation
Create your character.Be Your Character in the Story.Fight Evil.And Fall in Love. But I will Keep How Many People Can Join Limited. So Hurry Up as Fast as You can!
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The Ultimate Winx Club Roleplay
Welcome to the land of the Winx! This is a mostly oc rp where you can be a Fairy, Witch, or Specialist! Come join us!
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For the Love of Winx! SYOC
Please, SYOC here. It will be easier for my co-writer, StarsMagic, and I to read through the submissions. It'll also be easier for you to see if anyone has the same character as you.
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Winx Rpg!
Become a Winx girl and live in the Winx world!
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Tecna Fans Come here!
Me, Starla21, TecnaFan and tecnawinx90 believe that Tecna is an underapprieciated character. OF course we're big fans, so I changed my thread to a chat room in her honor. :
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Doc Manager
I know this may sound dumb, but I'm so confused do you have to download the doc mananger onto your computer, if so how do you get it? And please be nice to me, I'm new to this, I'm trying to understand this! I'm just trying away to get my stories on fanfi
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Winx Club: Adventure
Una nueva aventura nos espera. Unete al foro y podran descubrir un nuevo mundo de aventuras y diversion con las Winx.
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Trix club
to everybody who thinks that those three witches are way better than those fairies.Talk about almost everything related with winx club andor trix club
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